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How Braid Master Heather Chapman Decoded the Instagram Game

One thing all of our Mane Masters have in common is that they are true visionaries and experts in the industry—setting trends and developing signatures that mane lovers cannot help but replicate. Heather Chapman’s career and body work is a testament of true talent, combined with the kind of social media savvy that has turned her into a veritable Instagram and Pinterest star—to the tune of nearly 600K followers might we add. Known for her bridal-perfect, glamorous updos and braids, the self-trained stylist got licensed over a decade ago. She was known for her rocker chic cuts at the time,”I had been doing a lot of punk rock things to my own hair over the years way before that,” Chapman told Mane Addicts. “Locs, shaved head, hot pink micro bangs, lots of jet black bobs, and platinum pixies as well as bombshell blowouts.” Heather Chapman Mane Master

Clearly, Chapman can do it all! Her signatures are her classic bridal updo, Ducth three strand braid, and a Dutch fishtail braided updo. The stylist is also a vlogger of sorts, as she has an entire subscription site that lets her fans—and any mane lover really—watch tutorials for all of her gorgeous styles from their iOS devices, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

In order to recreate the stunning looks she’s known for time and time again, Chapman has a few kit go-tos that she never leaves home without. “I always have Oribe Volumista and Superfine Hairspray as well as Redken Wax Blast,” she exclaimed. “For tools, I’m currently using a 19mm Sedu Beauty Curling Wand and I’ve always loved my Super Solano Blow Dryer since day one.” If you had any indecision about what to add to your hair arsenal right now.

And there are few stylists who not only love, but have mastered social media as well as Chapman. “I know that social media has completely created new industry avenues and has also elevated the existing industry to a whole new level,” she says of her love for Instagram and Pinterest, among others. “I love that beauty is such a front runner in social media!! To stylists that utilize their IG accounts just remember: if you don’t, your competition will.” Wise words from a master. Her favorite accounts to follow are “@sienree @georgiykot @beyondtheponytail & @hairgod_zito is doing some really cool things lately!” Consider them all followed.

Like most, Chapman also wrestles with self-doubt from time to time, combatting it with knowledge. Of those low moments, she expressed, “I try to keep myself well educated in my craft in order to keep self doubt at bay.” And as for her competition? “They keep me motivated,” she confirmed. Her role models are definitely shining lights that keep her progressing and evolving. They include “Sharon Blain for her outstanding foundations, Sien Ree for her bad ass sexy, editorial looks, and Stephanie Brinkerhoff for consistently putting out really pretty updos time and again.”

Many would count over half a million followers, their own subscription site, and industry cred and respect as success, but “making it” has many different layers for Chapman. “Success for me is every time I nail a pretty hair style,” she exclaimed. “And when I get good lighting and a great post on a good day. It’s also putting my phone down for an entire hour to watch Better Call Saul with my husband while having ice cream. Success is a journey. I will never have ‘arrived.'” And like us, the whole work-life balance thing is a real juggle. Of that harmony between her career and personal life, she stated, “I have to work really hard to schedule ‘me time’. But I know that if I don’t take time for myself, I won’t be as efficient as I prefer to be in my work life.” Her advice for up and coming stylists is education, education, education. “Never stop learning, trying, practicing, failing, succeeding, and hustling,” Chapman advised. Because 10 years ago, she wishes she would have “learned to meditate and practice it daily.” A fulfilling life is nothing without those crucial moments of peace!

And as for what’s next, Chapman is currently focused on getting a whopping 100 videos onto her subscription site. “Currently their are 27 videos,” she substantiated. No small fete! “I’ll be taking photography and videography soon so I can then re-film every single video,” she joked. “Additionally, I am wrapping up teaching hands on workshops and moving into teaching look & learn workshops, as well as private one on one workshops in the Houston area.”

Follow Heather Chapman @heatherchapmanhair for more manespiration.

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