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5 No-Heat Curl Hacks You Need to Know

Just because heat is out of the question (whether by choice or not), it doesn’t mean expert styling is either. With a little creativity, you can achieve the style you want. In this case, we’re referring to curls. Heatless curls, that is. We’re breaking down five no-heat curl hacks to help you achieve coils without having to break out the styling tools. Which no-heat method will you try?


If you’re looking for a quick way to add a little volume and crimpy-wave to your hair without any help from an iron, braid your hair while it’s wet and let it dry overnight. Braids are one of our favorite ways to achieve heatless curls because it’s just too easy. We could literally do it in our sleep. Depending on the braids, you can make the curls tighter or wavier and you can save your self from heat-damage. Our recommendation? Make it last by wearing braids as your style for a day, then rock the kinky curls the next day. A little dry shampoo never hurt either.

Twist and Clip

This no-heat curls technique is similar to a pin curl but is better for someone on the go. Take larger sections of your hair, twist them tightly, and clip them up to dry. After they’ve air dried, take them down, flip upside down, and add volume with some hairspray.

Utilize Products

There’s no faster way to get no-heat curls than with a good sea salt spray or mousse. Depending on your hair type, all you need to do is spray and go. The finished product will be more on the wavy side, as opposed to true curls. On the plus side, it works on dry hair too.

Pin Curls

This might take a little longer but if you want a more defined curl, go hold school and pin curl your hair. This method is definitely easier on shorter or finer hair because you have to separate, twist, and pin each curl in place and wait until it’s dry to do anything. But if you have the time and skill, the heatless curls you achieve are so worth the time and energy.

Get Creative

There are so many other ways to achieve curls without heat. A quick Google search will bring up a ton of hits. Even if you’re not a DIY’er, you can harness the creative spirit by investing in something like CharlieCurls. This one-piece, no-heat hair curler looks like a headband and takes 30 seconds to put in. Simply bend over, roll it up to your hair, and sleep on it. Heatless curls, here you come!

The no-heat styling trends don’t stop here. TikTok has obsessed with these hair hacks. If you’re wondering how to achieve them on your already curly strands, we’ll tell you how to do so HERE!

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