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Heatless Hairstyles That Take 5 Minutes or Less

Have you forgotten how to style your hair in its natural state? We’re sure we speak for most pros and enthusiasts alike when we say we’re addicted to heat tools. But do yourself, and your strands, a favor and treat them to heatless hairstyles this summer. We Insta-stalked a few of our fave mane masters to round up some looks that’ll get you to put the heat protectant spray down. Try these heatless hairstyles all season long. Trust us, your style and your strands will thank you for giving these no-heat hairstyles a go!

Braided Pigtails

These are not your little sister’s pigtails. Do like Ryan Richman and opt for these sleek and chic braided pigtails worn by Addison Rae.

Corset Braid

Justine Marjan raises the braid bar with a corset finish on our former editorial director, Allison McNamara, proving a no-heat hairstyle can still be fire.

High Pony

The high pony is a classic heatless hairstyle for summer as it requires minimal effort to create but offers serious impact. Just look at the chic high pony Chad Wood did on Rosalia for mane inspiration.

Undone Texture

There’s no heatless hairstyle that’s more perfect for summer than one that plays up your natural texture. Apply a sea salt spray or sleep in braids for a windswept look like this one done by Cesar Deleon Ramirez on Inanna.

Bubble Braid Ponytail

No-heat hairstyles are always an excuse to have fun with your strands. With Bridget Brager’s bubble pony play, we’re reminded of exactly that.

Goddess Pony Braid

If a ponytail had powers, this is what they’d look like. Sarah Potempa plays with braid techniques for one major look.

Embellished Bun

The only thing we love more than embellished braids is an embellished bun. Castillo came to play with a chain-pierced look effortlessly pulled together in a top knot.

Curly Top Knot

Madonna called and said she loves the look. Gregory Russell makes a top not seriously steamy.

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