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Try Cryotherapy for Your Hair With The ColdBrush

Cryotherapy, a trend beloved by Real Housewives and athletes alike, harnesses the power of frigid temperatures – a typical chamber will be set to -200 to -300 degrees Fahrenheit – to increase or maintain wellness. Cryo chambers have a range of potential benefits that run the gamut from pain management to keeping inflammation in check.

And while you may not be rushing to the nearest spa to try it out, you can still reap the benefits of cryo. We caught up with Alexis Oliva – BaBylissPRO Sr. Product Manager to find out all about the brand’s newly launched The ColdBrush, which is a much more palatable cryo tool for our favorite body part, the hair.

Fight Heat with Cold

The ColdBrush:$189 was created as a heat styling antidote and is the latest innovative tool offered by Conair. The brand is “introducing COLD technology, Cryotherapy for hair,” notes Alexis. “In the world of beauty, we color, cut, blow dry, flat iron, curl, brush and fluff and now we can REVITALIZE!”

BaBylissPRO CryoCare The ColdBrush: $189

The Cold Brush

(via Ulta)

As the antithetical hot tool, The ColdBrush does the opposite of heat, which extracts hydration. “The ColdBrush adds moisture back in, hydrating the hair, improving the look and condition,” she notes of the brush’s impact on brittle strands. “Reaching freezing temperatures, The ColdBrush transfers moisture from the air into the hair shaft, aligning each strand, revitalizing the hair, making it softer, smoother, and shinier all through ACTIVE HYDRATION.” – aka water. “Hair looks and feels amazingly healthy,” Alexis continues.


The brush was designed using the Peltier Effect, which Alexis breaks down. “The Thermoelectric Cooler is used as a temperature controller, where heat is removed and cooling occurs. When electricity flows through the module, heat transfers away through the bottom, while creating cold temperatures on the top. This allows for the Cold Plate to reach freezing temperatures and properly transfer moisture to the hair strand on contact.”


It took over two years for The ColdBrush to be developed, which gave the team enough time for extensive research and understanding on how to bridge the gap between Cryotherapy and haircare.


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How to Use It

Think of The ColdBrush as a hair mask on overdrive as opposed to the cooler cousin of a hot comb, or an alternative to heat styling. “This is not a styling tool or straightener or dryer, but a therapy tool that adds moisture back into the hair on a micro level, rehydrating to improve the look, feel and condition,” says Alexis. The brush can be used on both wet and dry hair, making this an anytime tool. “Think of therapy, based on your hair type and how you incorporate The ColdBrush, will determine the results you receive.”

The ColdBrush can be used pre or post blowout, either preventing breakage or replenishing moisture after the fact. It can be used on wet curls to help prevent frizz when air drying, as well as finishing the hair (any texture) for a smoother, shinier appearance.

As far as future developments for cold tech, it’s a whole new forefront for hair care and here to stay. “We believe cold technology that offers hair therapy is the future of our industry,” Alexis adds. After all, the healthiest hair is kept up regularly. “We already know how to apply heat to our hair, so why not revitalize, repair and rehydrate with COLD!”

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