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Hailey Bieber’s Dusty Pink Hair is Perfect For Valentines Day, Here’s How to Create it

We love a good celeb color metamorphosis, especially when it’s girly AF. This is probably why we’re still thinking about Hailey Bieber’s iconic dusty pink moment circa mid-Jan. Perfect for winter, think of the sunset inspired color as the indie cousin to baby shower ballet pink—yet it’s not as high drama as magenta, fuscia or flamingo. Instead, the color creates an almost implausible balance between subtle and striking.

We already know you want in, so we tapped Bieber’s stylist Florido to find out exactly how to recreate the iconic peachy shade. There’s no need to study pap pics, this color is the cure-all for beating the winter blues and prepping for V-day (and spring!) in a major way.

The first step to getting Hailey’s pink hair is to highlight her locks using bleach – it’s an inevitable bummer, but the color won’t show up the same way if your hair is too dark. Florido relies on Joico Blonde Life Lightener: $10.88 w/ 20volume developer to create the perfect canvas for the main color event.

During step two, Florido applies Joico Color Intensity in Blush: $12.09 + Rose Gold: $12.99, mixing it with a little Clear: $12.09 for this enviable dusty rose color. To make sure it’s really saturated, he paints Hailey’s mane from roots to ends, processing for a total of 30 minutes.

Once the color has set, he rinses and shampoos using Joico K- Pak Color Therapy: $15.99. To keep color vibrant, longer, he seals the hair with K-Pak Luster Lock Treatment: $20.99. Et voila! Florido blow-dries and styles, completing his masterpiece.

Still thinking pink? HERE’s how Kim K did it.

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