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Here’s How Annagjid “Kee” Taylor Creates an Ankle-Length Braid

Annagjid “Kee” Taylor has been fueling our hairspo for a good minute now.

The celeb hairstylist, salon owner, brand founder, and YouTuber (with nearly 1 million followers) is a for sure go-to for new styles that aren’t impossible to do.

When we saw her long braid Rapunzel look created on Black Lightning actress Nafessa Williams, we needed full details. Here are Kee’s step-by-steps, her hack for the style, and where the inspiration came from. In case you didn’t know, here’s a PSA: the super long braid is totally back.

via Image via Deeper Than Hair TV

See it, hair-do it

“I saw Tessa Thompson rocking a super long braid ponytail on the red carpet two years ago and decided to try it with one of my clients for a photoshoot last year,” says Kee on her inspiration. To say it was a hit is an understatement. The style became her most-liked photo ever on Instagram, which prompted the how-to video – which you can watch in full here

Buying the right amount of hair

All it took for Kee to complete her look was one pack of Rastafri Rapunsel 84″ Braiding Hair. “Some people might prefer more hair because they like to feed it in, but if you take your time and keep everything even enough, it’ll be the same size all the way down the braid,” she explains.

Patience is the real hack

While keeping track of all that hair can be disorientating, don’t rush it! “The most important thing is to take your time so you don’t lose track! If you do lose track, brush it out very gently. You can use a little oil or grease to smooth it out, separate it again and continue braiding.”

Image via Deeper Than Hair TV

Sealing the style

Like anything else spectacular, a look this intricate takes time. “The #1 hack with this look is patience!” she notes, adding that applying Ampro’s Shine n Jam as you need it really helps keep everything smooth and secure.

“Spray all over with the Deeper Than Hair Glass Brilliant Shine spray,” advises Kee. To make sure the style stays in tact, put a satin or silk scarf on in a long triangle to cover as much of the braid as possible every night before bed.

Working the hair in

The best way to work in the hair is to come through the pony. “I laid the hair on top of the pony and folded it in about 3\/4 down (not in the middle), so the bottom section is a lot shorter than the top. Once it’s in place, just secure it with an elastic ponytail holder and start braiding!” she instructs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Long Braid

1. Using a hot comb like the Gold N Hot Professional Styling Comb, smooth the edges so they are super silky.

2. If you want a super sleek pony, press the hair out in large sections with the Deeper Than Hair 22TiTania Flat Iron

3. Separate the hair into sections and apply Ampro Shine n Jam Regular Hold with a rat tail comb at the roots. The sections I used started from ear to ear, so you have a top section and a bottom section; the next section starts from the temple around to the other side; and finally just apply  at the roots around the hairline. Remember: a little product goes a long way!

4. Comb the hair back, smoothing it into a ponytail. Secure with an elastic ponytail holder (no rubber bands or metal!).

5. Lay the Rastafri Rapunsel 84″ Braiding Hair on top of the natural ponytail and section out so the bottom 1\/4 of the braiding hair is laying on top of your natural ponytail. Secure it in place with another ponytail holder so your natural ponytail is underneath.

6. Once secure, you can let go of the top (longer) section of braiding hair so you have a super long ponytail. You should have your natural pony underneath the shorter section of braiding hair underneath the longest section.

7. Take a small section of the braiding hair from the base and spray it with göt2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray. Wrap that section around the ponytail holder to hide the elastic. You can secure this with a more of the Freeze Spray.

8. Carefully section the ponytail into three sections.

9. Using your rat tail comb and Shine N Jam, comb the real hair of the ponytail into the braiding hair.

10. From there, start braiding carefully! Comb in Shine N Jam as needed to smooth any flyaways.

11. As you work down the braid, it may get smaller since we’re using one set of hair and not feeding in multiple sets. Just gently tug on sections of the braid in the areas where it’s getting smaller to pancake it out and keep it even in size.

12. Secure the bottom of the braid with a rubber band.

Optional: use a bit of mouse on the ends to smooth the hair out and curl smaller sections with flexirods. Dip the ends in boiling hot water. 

13. Seal the look by spraying Deeper Than Hair Glass Brilliant Shine Spray all over.

Meanwhile, the wet hair bun trend requires ZERO styling skills, see more here.

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