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Here’s How to Banish Color and Texture Altering Minerals In Tap Water

Yes, your water is affecting your hair. It may seem crazy that plain ‘ole H2O can affect your color and texture, but it’s an undeniable reality. This is because water isn’t just water—it’s also is full of various minerals and metals that are lowkey be making a major impact. We sat down with Color Wow’s Chief Chemist, Dr. Joe Cincotta to learn how this whole thing works, and what you can do to protect your mane.

Minerals in Water are Color Corruptors

“The two most abundant metals in tap water are Calcium and Magnesium,” says Dr. Joe. These metals may be part of your vitamin routine, but they’re detrimental to your tresses and actually cause dulling, weigh hair down and can create a gritty texture. “Iron, Copper Manganese and Lead are metals found in water that discolor hair,” he continues. This isn’t good news for any hair color but if you’re a blonde, beware. “The metals have the greatest impact on light colored hair (white, gray, blonde and highlights) and can impart shades of orange, green, brown, yellow, or black,” notes Dr. Joe of the possibly drastic change your color can go through from tap water exposure.

Not even the purple shampoo you splurged on is enough to keep your tresses properly guarded. “Typical shampoos are not effective at removing metals from hair,” says Dr. Joe matter of factly. “Clarifying shampoo are slightly better, but can strip natural moisturizers from hair; neither are effective when it comes to removing metals from tap water.”

Color Wow Dream Filter

Blonde hair without Dream Filter (L) and with (R) – DRASTIC!!

So are we supposed to walk around with metallic, discolored and dull hair from this moment forward? Are we fighting a losing battle against water!? Happily, no – there is a solution, and it’s one that Dr. Joe personally helped develop. Colorwow’s latest launch is called Dream Filter, and it’s engineered to specifically target metals. “Unlike harsh, chelating formulas, which strip away natural oils, Dream Filter has no ingredients that attach to oils.” In other words, Dream Filter only pulls off metals but leaves natural oils behind. “Our Dream Filter formula is pH balanced at pH 5.0, so it won’t swell hair, cause damage or remove artificial color, like very high or low pH chelating products,” he adds.

Spray-On Filter to the Rescue

Dream Filter is effective because it contains four different filters that work collectively to clear hair of color-corrupting metals. The product contains two small negatively charged molecular filters “that scavenge and encapsulate positively charged Calcium and Magnesium.” Dream Filter also contains two polymeric filters, which are high molecular weight polymers. “These larger filters do the heavy lifting, instantly dislodging heavy metals (such as Iron, Copper, Manganese and Lead), which are then shampoo’d out,” explains Dr. Joe.

Even the healthiest virgin hair has a slight negative charge on its surface, and this negative charge is exacerbated with each and every chemical process (especially those that require Hydrogen peroxide and high pH), blow dry, exposure to heat styling, brushing and the sun. Your genetic make-up and environment (including air pollution) also play a role in how negatively charged your hair is. “These are the major factors that continually generate additional negative charge to the surface of hair,” affirms Dr. Joe. Because all metals found in tap water are positively charged ions that have a strong affinity (or attraction) to the negative surface of human hair, the more negatively charge the hair is, and the greater its attraction will be for metal ions—and therefore the more difficult it will be to remove them. “The ideal charge on hair would be no charge, for it to be completely neutral,” continues Dr. Joe.


Color Wow Dream Filter

(via Color Wow)

Dream Filter presents an easy solution, however. To use, spray on dry hair and let it sit for 3 minutes before washing out with your regular shampoo. This is all you need to remove all metals, proactively avoiding discoloration and dullness. “Hard water can alter your color and even damage your hair. At minimum, it’s a good idea to treat your hair with Dream Filter at least once a month, but it’s gentle enough to use every day if your hair is frequently exposed to discoloring elements like chlorine,” adds Dr. Joe.

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