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Here’s the Secret to a Perfect Curly Haircut

When it comes to cuts, straight vs. curly hair may as well be apples to oranges – you can’t expect the same results from one as the other. While getting in and out of the chair is very much a reality when cutting straight locks, curly girls know there’s no such thing as the fast lane in the salon. However, after years of working almost exclusively on curly hair, the Deva Curl team has magically perfected an express service that cuts down time – and is still a damn good cut. We checked in with Devachan Stylist, Mia Emilio to find out how it’s done.

Cut Curly Hair Carefully

“Cutting curly hair verses cutting straight hair is completely different,” points out Mia. “Curly hair has many different textures, possibly even many different textures on one head of hair. You need to look at all of this and then the person and their features. Curls can be cut curl-by-curl or curl grouping, with as less tension as possible. When cutting straight hair it’s all about perfect precision, lines and tension,” she notes of the main difference.


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While cutting speed often comes down to experience, Mia advises against a too rushed cut to avoid any mistakes you can’t take back. “You’ll probably end up cutting of more hair then you should and it will be too short,” she warns.


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Cut Curly Hair Often

However, if you’re in the chair more often, you don’t need to spend as much time getting a cut. The DevaCurl express cut only takes 15-20 minutes, assuming there’s no time spent pre-washing at the salon, though it would have to happen every 1.5 months. “Curly hair should be cut anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on style of haircut. The express haircut would be in between that time,” explains Mia.


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Cut Curly Hair Dry

Of course, curly hair should be cut dry, which eliminates time spent in the salon and gives you a far less shocking cut. What curly girl hasn’t had that OMG moment when your curls spring up waaay shorter than you wanted as soon as a they dry up – trust and believe, it’s the worst. The benefit of cutting curly hair dry is to see the curl in its true form, so you can judge the spring factor,” notes Mia.

After a dry cutting experience, you can test out products and see what’s best for your new ‘do, right then and there. “Curly clients use many different styling products from creams to mousse or gels,” she emphasizes. Ultimately, the sure-fire way to ensure a curly cut you love, that happens in a reasonable amount of time, is by seeing an experienced stylist. “Cutting curly hair takes years of practice and learning the ins and outs of curls – many curly haired girls have been butchered in the past, so they have to be treated with special care.”

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