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Herringbone Highlights Are the Celebrity-Approved Way to Embrace Your Grays

Over the past few years, thanks in large part to the pandemic, the discourse around gray hair has shifted. Rather than doing anything and everything to escape them, more and more of us have started embracing our grays. So have celebrities, and they’d found a chic new way to showcase grays. Enter herringbone highlights. Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston have all been seen with the hair color. Scroll below to learn about the hair color technique and see some herringbone highlight inspiration in the process for your next hair appointment!

What Are Herringbone Highlights?

Herringbone highlights are all about blending a mix of shades together. Colorist Tom Smith tells Glamour, “Various shades are woven in among the gray strands, giving a finely balanced mix of warm and cool tones. This really celebrates gray hairs by including them in a hair color design as an additional highlight shade.”

Rather than putting a color over your grays to hide them, you mix them into whatever hair color you’re trying to achieve. Light or dark, you can achieve the highlight trend on any shade you have. Though lighter hair may blend a bit better, it still looks great on darker strands.

What Should You Ask For?

To achieve your own version of the herringbone hair color, you’ll first want to tell your stylist that you don’t want to cover your grays. Again, this technique is all about blending. But do note that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Gray hairs tend to pop up sporadically and in their own pattern, so have your colorist work with that by mixing warm- and cool-toned highlights in an irregular pattern.

Herringbone Highlight Inspiration

This hair coloring technique may be difficult to explain, which is why photos are always your best bet. Below, we rounded up a few herringbone highlight inspiration posts to bookmark for your next appointment.

If you really want to let your grays shine, gray blending may be the technique for you. Learn all about it HERE!

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