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Hidden Hair Color Is a May 2021 Vibe

We’re always on the look out for bold new shades and non-traditional tones.

And when this unexpected hair color trend popped up on our radar, we were shocked to say the least. Looks like the latest and greatest in chic shades is… kind of hard to spot. Hidden hair color is spring’s go-to aesthetic. From faint highlights to under-color techniques, this hot hair moment is here to stay. The May mane upgrade we all need.

These 6 barely-there hues make for a majestic mane.

1. Rainbow Under-Color

Layering a natural hue over a subtle rainbow of shades is just the thing to chase away your spring strand slump. Demure but daring.

2. Peekaboo Purple

Platinum and purple? Hit two hot hues with one aesthetic. Just a patch of purple makes for the perfect pop of color.

4. Undercover Orange

A hidden hint of orange is absolutely iconic. This hot hue is oh so cool when layered under a neutral shade.

4. Baby Blues

Bella Hadid always knows what to do. These hidden blue highlights pop against her natural brunette tresses.


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5. White Hot

Pastels aren’t the only way to work May’s hottest hue. These wisps of white-blonde are subtle but stunning.

6. Subtle Strawberry

A secret strawberry blonde is something we’ve been dreaming of. With expertly placed pastels, this hidden hair color perks up a classic blonde.


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