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WHAT TO BUY: Under $75 Gifts for Your Girl Gang

Mane Addicts Gift Guide

We know the struggle of gifting on a budget, the holiday’s sneak up on us and our wallets shrink with the blink of an eye. If you need to find budget friendly gifts for your girl gang, look no further. We’ve gathered up our favorite holiday presents that won’t break the bank. 


Scunci Hair Tattoos by Justine Marjan

We’re seriously obsessed with these Scunci hair tattoos. There’s no better way to feel glam then with a touch of metallic silver or gold in your look for the holiday season. They are the perfect gift to give your lady friends for matching mane’s on New Years Eve!


Macadamia Professional Mane Addicts

We all have that girl in our life that can’t seem to stop damaging her hair. And while she may be having fun experimenting with every color of the rainbow, her hair is paying for it.  Treat her with this full size gift set of hair care products made for distressed and damaged hair. We love Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Trio for hair that needs a little extra TLC.



curly hair mane addicts

For the natural haired ladies in your life! If they haven’t already heard of CurlBox (the birchbox for curly hair) it’s basically the Holy Grail beauty subscription for natural hair. For $20 a month they get hand picked curly hair products sent to their door once a month. The best part is, you can pay for their first month and if they aren’t into it, they can cancel at anytime! Want to give your curly haired friend even more love? Check out The Curly Hair Gift Guide. 



Holiday Hair

For the creative members of your girl pack, accessorize! We’ve rounded up our top picks that any girl is sure to love! Want to get even more specific? Check out our gift guide for every girl on your list!



In Flight Hair Essentials

What would a girl gang be without the workaholic, who basically lives out of planes and hotels? Any Mane Addict who is constantly traveling might have to give up their luxury products in the name of the TSA, but luxury can come in small packages too! The Oribe, The Collection travel set comes with their entire line of shampoos and conditioners (there’s even a bonus Gold Lust masque!) Want to gift an Oribe styling product without splurging? They make all of your favorite styling products in TSA-friendly sizes too, and most of them are less than $20! Want to get even more specific? Check out our guide for In-Flight Hair Essentials.


Curl and Wave Kit

Give the gift of great hair with an everyday style set. Include her favorite styling essentials like The Wet Brush, a Hot Tools 1″ Curling Iron, and Bumble and bumble Dryspun Finishing Spray for Instagram worthy curls and waves!


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