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The Best Hair Products To Gift Your Mom

If there is anyone that deserves a well-thought-out gift this holiday season, it’s mom. So if you’re struggling with what to get your mother this year, we’ve come up with the 15 best hair gifts for moms–whether she’s the Kris Jenner momager type that rocks a stunning pixie, a low-maintenance lady who lives off of dry shampoo or somewhere in between. Go ahead and treat your momma to something sweet by shopping all of our top gifts for mom in our shopping gallery below.


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Keep reading to find out the best hair gifts for any and every kind of mom.

1. For the Curly-Haired Moms:

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine

SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus hair collection features a shampoo, conditioner and mask that will enhance the natural shape of the curls, replenish moisture and add shine to your mom’s curly mane. SheaMoisture’s products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and free of other harmful ingredients so not only will mom’s curls slay but she can feel good about the products she is using.


SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hair set, hair gifts for moms
(via SheaMoisture)

2. For The Fine-Haired Moms:

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Gift Box 

For the mamas with fine hair, Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist Gift Box will add volume and shine to your mom’s mane without stripping the hair of it’s moisture or weighing it down. The set features a shampoo, conditioner and volumizing wave spray that each add volume and texture to even the thinnest of manes.

Sachajuan ocean mist gift box, hair gifts for moms
(via Sachajuan)

3. For The Cool (not regular) Moms:

On My Ouai Kit 

For the moms that aren’t regular moms but cool moms, why not add to their already sky high cool-factor by introducing her to the ultra-chic On My Ouai Kit that features all of the brand’s best sellers including their Smooth Spray, Dry Shampoo, Texturizing Hairspray and 3-Pack Treatment Masque.

on my ouai kit, hair gifts for moms
(via Ouai)

 4. For The Moms With Colored-Treated Hair:

Aveda Color and Shine Holiday Kit 

Perfect for the mom who colors her hair, Aveda’s Color Conserve collection comes with a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and serum that help to preserve color-treated hair while protecting and providing nourishment and shine.

Aveda color conserve hair kit, hair gifts for moms
(via Aveda)

5. For The Moms That Love Blowouts:

Shhhowercap, The Kent 

Does your mom love a good blowout? Help her to preserve her styled hair while she showers with the Shhhowercap. This superior quality cap is waterproof, water-repellant and not to mention – super chic.

shhhowercap, hair gifts for moms
(via Shhhowercap)

6. For The Moms Who Love Luxury Products:

Balmain Hair Couture Styling Gift Pack 1

If your mother has a closet full of designer tags and a shelf full of top of the line beauty products, Balmain Hair Couture’s Styling Gift Pack 1 features some of the most luxurious styling products that Balmain has to offer. The pack features the Session Spray hairspray, Silk Perfume, Moisturizing Argan Oil and Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Each product is infused with silk protein and organic argan oil that condition the hair and protect from damaging when styling.

Balmain Hair Couture Styling Gift Pack 1, hair gifts for moms
(via Balmain Hair Couture)

7. For The Busy Moms:

Oribe Dry Styling Set 

For the busy moms who live off of dry shampoo, Oribe’s Dry Styling set features the cult-favorite Gold Lust dry shampoo and Dry Texturizing Spray that are the key to dry styling on those no-wash days.

oribe dry style kit, hair gifts for moms
(via Oribe)

8. For The Festive Moms:

Philosophy Gingerbread House: shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath scents and lip shines

Does your mom start decorating for Christmas and playing carols on November 1st? If so, she would probably enjoy a taste of Philosophy’s Gingerbread House that features 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths and lip glosses in gingerbread cookies, peppermint stick, fresh cream and pink marshmallow buttercream. With this kit, your mom’s hair (and body and lips) can smell just like those gingerbread houses that she makes everyone build each year.

philosophy gingerbread house, hair gifts for moms
(via Philosophy)

9. For The Low Maintenance Moms:

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Peace. Love. Perfect Hair. Holiday Set 2017

For the moms who don’t require an entire vanity of beauty products, Living Proof’s Holiday Set features everything the most low maintenance of moms will love: a shampoo, conditioner, a 5-in-1 styler for styling blowouts or air-dried hair and dry shampoo.

living proof perfect hair day set, hair gifts for moms
(via Living Proof)

10. For The Traveling Mom:

Chi Air 3 Piece Travel Set

For the mom whose second home is an airport, she deserves high-quality, travel-sized hair tools that are  good for both her hair and suitcase weight. Chi Air’s blowdryer, flat iron and curling iron are all compact tools made that are still use the Chi’s ceramic heat technology that we all love. The ceramic plates on the flat iron and barrel on the curling iron helps to protect and seal the hair’s cuticle while repelling humidity yet locking in moisture.


chi air 3 piece travel set, hair gifts for moms
(via Chi)

11. For The Moms Whose Hair Needs A Little T.L.C:

Briogeo Rosarco Hydration All The Way Essentials Kit

Briogeo’s combination of nourishing rosehip, argan and coconut oils repair hair from the root to the shaft so for the moms with dry, brittle hair, Briogeo’s hydration essentials will be the answer to their hair woes and likely their favorite holiday gift. This kit contains a hydrating shampoo, conditione,  leave-in conditioner spray and blowdry perfection and heat protectant cream that in travel sizes so that mom can be sure to condition and nourish her hair even while on the go.


briogeo hydration essentials hair kit, hair gifts for moms
(via Briogeo)

12. For The Natural Hair Moms:

The Mane Choice Complete Healthy Hair Regimen 6 Pack

The Mane Choice’s Complete Healthy Hair Regimen 6 Pack is the perfect gift for any and all natural-haired moms, whether they’re just starting their natural hair journey or have the healthiest, most luscious locks. The 6 pack contains a shampoo, conditioner, mask treatment, 3-in-1 leave-in, growth oil and hair growth pills.

the mane choice hair gifts for moms
(via The Mane Choice)

13. For The Moms Who Love Subscriptions:

Function of Beauty Personalized Shampoo & Conditioner

Do you know a mom who loves her monthly ipsy box? How about her monthly wine club subscription? Well, Function of Beauty creates personalized shampoos and conditioners based off of a person’s specific hair type and needs and will set up an auto-shipment subscription delivery each month to deliver the personalized products to your door. Your mom may like her Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner even more than last month’s Pinot Noir.

function of beauty, hair gifts for moms
(via Function of Beauty)

14. For The Non Toxic Mommas:

Gisou Honey Hair Oil.

Blogger Negin Mirsalehi’s Gisou Honey Hair Oil is derived from honey from her parents’ bee garden. The honey-infused oil is not only naturally derived – perfect for the moms who prefer natural hair products, but it conditions hair and leaves it unbelievably shiny. The honey hair oil comes in a sleek glass dropper bottle and can be used on wet or dry hair to soften the strands, prevent frizz and leave long-lasting shine.

gisou honey hair oil, hair gifts for moms
(via Gisou)

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