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No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, we’ve created The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for every type of Mane Addict in your life…

Glam Queen

The glam queen is a true Mane Addict and is no stranger to hours of Hair & Makeup prep. She likes to splurge on the very best and can’t wait to get her hand on the latest and greatest products.

Girl on the Go Gift Guide

From LAX to NYC, from the boardroom to date night, this girl never stops. But that doesn’t mean she wants to sacrifice flawless hair! She’s looking for products that take her style from day to night or extends them beyond just one night.

Colored Hair Holiday Gift Guide

This bold beauty will try anything once and when it comes to hair, that means constant color changes. She’s on the lookout for semi-permanent color options that don’t look washed out and can’t be without a product thats keep her strands soft and healthy

Low Maintenance Hair Gift Guide

This MA sticks to her routine and chooses function over form. She’s looking for products that will replace what she’s already using, not add to her prep time. That being said, she can’t resist good package design.

Boho Goddess Holiday Hair Gift GuideThis trendy MA digs careful styling that looks essentially effortless. She has her eye on goddess worthy hair accessories and luxury products that give her texture and volume she wants, without frizz/breakage.

Budget Bombshell Hair Gift Guide

This MA wants to look #flawless without spending too much of her hard earned cash. She’s always on the lookout for product dupes (like the ones in our Splurge/Save) and keeps up with the latest hair trends, as her budget buying prowess doesn’t limit her to just one style.


Did we leave anyone out? Let us know the type of girl you need to gift this holiday season and we’ll create the perfect guide for you!

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