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Holiday Gift Ideas From The Wishlists of Celebrity Stylists

Holiday Gift Ideas From The Wishlists of Celebrity Stylists
If you (like me) religiously stalk your favorite hair stylists on social media, you’ve probably, at some point, found yourself wondering; what do they ask for as holiday gifts? Don’t they get a ton of freebies? Do they secretly know all the best products? Are their wishlists influenced by the preferences of their star-studded clientele? Luckily for you I did a little digging (aka interviewing) and found answers. As it turns out, Celebrity stylists – they’re just like us! When I asked Lacy Redway, who has clients like Chrissy Teigen, Solange Knowles, Naomi Campbell & Olivia Palermo, as well as our editor Justine Marjan, who works with the Kardashian family, Olivia Culpo, Lily Aldridge and more – their answers were SO relatable.  Here’s the breakdown:


Justine had Jo Malone London candles on her list and Lacy listed candles from The 125 Collection. She said “I LOVE candles and so in love right now with these homemade soy candles from The 125 Collection. They are a NYC based company and all of their candles have the most amazin sayings on them. I give them as gifts all the time and everyone always loves them.” 

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If you aren’t sure what beauty items (among the thousands out there) make great gifts go with something from Justine’s list, which includes KNC Beauty Collagen Infused Lip MasksLa Mer Face Creams/Masks and a Glossier Black Tie Set. If you are buying for someone you know well, Lacy, who admits to being a little makeup-challenged, swears by the foundation stick from Ashunta Sheriff that doubles as also a contour stick because it has two sides ( one dark, and one lighter ) to help you highlight and contour all together. 
While neither stylist had a lot of hair items on their lists, Lacy did say “The R-session Pro Tools Nalu Waver is by far one of my favorite tools in my hair Kit and one I can’t live without . It creates the best marcel and beach waves” said Lacy, while Justine chose Byredo Hair Perfumes for her list.
Justine said “I love getting gifts that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself, but that are totally worth the splurge!” and we could not agree more. A Mariel x TyLynn Noir Robe? Good American DenimJennifer Behr Chokers? YES PLEASE (and all on Justine’s list). Another idea we love is the gift of education/peer support. Lacy told me “I’m constantly getting emails , DM’s or comments from people around the world that are aspiring to break into the entertainment business. Finally someone has written the perfect guide for aspiring artists. A book written by a makeup artist Deshawn Hatcher is a gift I’m excited about sharing because I would love to give this to all the talented individuals that are dying to break into this industry but just don’t know where to start . It’s called Assisting Rules and it’s by Deshawn Hatcher.”

 Are any of these items on you list this year? If not, what is? Tell us below!

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