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Holiday Party Hair Inspo That Works With a Mask

With holiday festivities now fully amping up, you may be wondering how to work your hair and makeup game when a face mask is mandatory pretty much everywhere. That’s where these holiday hairstyles to wear with a mask come in to save the festivities.

Creativity is key and we say it’s a time for face-framing layers, slicked-back styles, and serious volume. If you’ll be attending a few holiday bashes this year, read on below for all the hairstyle inspo you’ll need this season that works perfectly with a mask.

Pinned Back Curls

There is nothing worse than wearing a mask and having strands stuck to your face. This luscious, pinned back ‘do solves that problem all while keeping those curls looking extra fresh. And honestly, if you’re not wearing bedazzled hair clips for the holidays, you’re just doing it wrong.

Three-Tier High Ponytail 

Another optimal way to solve your pesky flyaway problem is to slick it back with a dazzling three-tier, high ponytail. Add loose curls to give it a tinge more flair and a pair of glitzy earrings for the full glam effect. Mask who? We don’t know her.

Bedazzled Space Buns

Space buns, but make it holiday cheer. This adorable updo paired with gold and silver accents will draw attention to your stand-out style rather than any mask you’re wearing. Whether you choose to rock just the buns or go for a half-up, half-down type of look, it’ll be a party-style crusher for sure.

Winter Wonderland Half-Up Bun

If you really want to take it up a notch, add bright, festive temporary hues to your mane. Shades of rose gold and evergreen will be the focal point of your look, instead of that piece of cloth on your face. Add even more of a party to the back with a frosted pine cone hair clip. It doesn’t get any more cheerful than that.

Mistletoe French Braid

French braids are such a versatile style and this holiday rendition is oh-so-polished with a mask. People might be fooled when they take a look from the front, but in the back is a fun and intricately woven affair. Kiss under the mistletoe, not included.

Low Braided Bun With Antlers

Over the top is the name of the game when it comes to holiday hairstyling with a mask. Adding some cute AF antlers to your braided low bun is a surefire way to draw attention away from a face covering. If you’re feeling extra brave, throw in some candy cane-colored temporary dye and you have yourself a real holiday vibe.

You’re set for holiday styling, but if you need some seasonal color inspo, THESE Starbucks drinks work nicely.

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