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Holiday 911: Post Work Party Mane

We’ve all been there… the impossible 9+ hour work day where you’re expected to show up at the company Christmas party; while looking as sharp as a (glittered) tack. So this year we’ve sorted your holiday looks, with minimal tools/products needed, for those last minute quick fixes.

First things first…

We know what you’re thinking; “a comb and mousse? Where’s the wormhole that teleported us back to the 80’s?” Realistically though, mousse is the best friend you didn’t know you had. This magic styling aid serves not only as a thickening agent for blow drys, but as an amazing product for heat styling, as well as the perfect foundation for holding any holiday sleek style.

So mousse, check. Comb, check. Now lets get down to business.

This is an instant style that will have you looking chic in 2 seconds flat.


  1. Take a handful  of mousse (more or less depending on the thickness of your hair) and distribute over your hands entirely.  This insures that wherever your hands touch, product is dispersed.
  2. Next, work mousse into hair by starting at the roots and combing back.  Apply more product through the mid-ends if you want a super polished style, or leave the ends free from product for a more lived-in edgy feel.
  3. Last, use a comb to polish the look into place!


Start with a conservative amount of mousse, as you can always add more!



2 minutes

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