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Honey Lemon Is the Spring Shade We Weren’t Prepared for

Spring is already full of surprises when it comes to standout shades.

But even we have to admit, we never saw this next trendy tone coming. That is, until resident style icon Lucy Hale debuted her lightened locks on Instagram last month. A classic all-over blonde with a tinge of golden undertones, honey lemon is the ideal spring-to-summer hair color. Not too light, not too bright – just the thing to bring in warmer weather.

These 7 honey lemon hues will have you calling your stylist asap.

1. All Over Honey Lemon

Lucy Hale knows what to do- especially when it comes to switching up her shade. Her all over lightened look is the inspiration behind this seasonal mane moment.


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A post shared by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale)

2. Extra Honey Highlights

Jodie Comer is a regular when it comes to blonde inspiration. The Killing Eve actress’s honey lemon hue is heavy on the honey, and we’re all about it.


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A post shared by Jodie Comer (@jodiemcomer)

3. Lovely Lemon Curls

Bubbly blonde highlights add just the right amount of brightness to a curly mane. This honey lemon hair color is perfect for all twists and textures.

4. Honey Lemon Length

Don’t worry, this trending tone is totally grow-out approved. With expert shading, you can leave your roots on the long side and take your length to honey lemon lightness.

5. Ultra Light Lemon

Honey lemon is giving us range. From dark roots to ultra light ends, you can rock this hue in a hundred different ways.


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A post shared by SHELLEY GREGORY (@shelleygregoryhair)

5. Lemon and Lowlights

Honey lemon is hella complex. From all over tones, to balayage, to a traditional lift with lowlights, there’s something for everyone in spring’s standout shade.

7. Toned Down Honey Lemon

This gorgeous golden color doesn’t have to be bright. A muted honey lemon is still a 2021 vibe.


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