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I Tried Hot Head, a Cap That Deeply Penetrates Product Into Your Hair

I love a good hair mask, and appreciate how they allow me to go days and days without rewashing. So, the idea of using something that helps me maximize said mask even more certainly piques my interest. That’s where the Hot Head hair cap comes into play.

I was unfamiliar with the product until a rep reached out about it. Unlike with certain oils, serum and sprays, this isn’t something I already had in my beauty arsenal, which made me especially excited to try.

The Product

The caps come in an array of fun prints and colors. I was personally sent the leopard print (pictured in the image below).

The cap is a flax seed-filled, microwavable, deep conditioning covering that is designed to give you that fresh-from-salon product penetration. Each cap costs $29.95 for regular size, $39.95 for extra large and $27.95 for child size. Each Hot Head comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a slew of plastic shower caps to wear underneath the heavy one.

The product was founded by professional hairstylist Sandra Snell, who was playing around at home with ways to get that salon-like treatment.

The Experience

I don’t like things that require a lot of effort or prep, and I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Hot Head hair cap. But it was really easy. The instructions were straightforward and simply required a few quick minutes in the microwave. Then you just add the product you want penetrated, throw on the caps and wait for approximately 20 minutes.

I found the cap to be doubly useful because I have freshly dyed strands and can’t risk getting the color everywhere. Even after I rinsed my treatment, I put the main cap back on until my hair dried. I noticed the cap also helped it dry faster.

Bottom Line

I have absolutely no complaints about the Hot Head hair cap. It’s easy to use and transport, and the designs are eye-catching. That said, is it a necessity? Probably not. $30 may seem spendy for a nonessential item. But if you want to kick things up a notch and give your locks some added TLC, this product will only help!

Speaking of conditioning the hair, HERE‘s what happened when one writer did that part before shampooing!

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