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I Paired Hot Rollers With My Short, Thin Hair and I’ve Never Been More Pleasantly Surprised

Say what you want about Victoria’s Secret, I’ve always been envious of the Angels’ amazing hair. Even as a young teen, I would spend countless hours paging through the catalog and trying to nail their perfect wavey manes. That crazy volume! Those natural-looking waves! The bounce! What’s not to love? I tried (and failed) countless times to recreate that body and shine only to achieve styles that went limp in minutes and made my already-thin hair look flatter than an ironing board. That all changed when hot rollers entered my life.

Before you judge me for using this contraption that has been around since my grandmother’s time, I need you to hear me out. Celebrity stylists swear by hot rollers because they are more gentle than high-heat wands and other tools. They are perfect for chemically treated hair because of the amount of heat they use. Hot rollers also allow you to go hands-free while they cool. Giving you time to finish your makeup routine or relax while they do their thing.

I’m not advocating for you to go digging into your grandmother’s bathroom to find her old kit. What I am advocating for is for you to snag a pair with new technology like T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers: $129.

(via T3 Micro)

T3’s set is wrapped in velvet, giving you volume and shine all at once. They are powered by advanced T3 HeatCore technology that spreads heat evenly to make styling very gentle on your strands. The rollers also come in two heat settings to ensure you are only using what you need and not overheating.

The first time I tried these I knew it was meant to be. It took me no more than 10 minutes to pin them on and I let them cool as I finished getting ready. Allowing them to fully cool let my hair cuticles close, giving me extra shine and staying power. I removed the hot rollers and brushed them out. I finished my styling sesh with a light-hold hairspray. I left home in the morning and returned mid-afternoon with perfect hair. I have since adopted this routine anytime I want to look dolled up and my flat, thin hair has never been more pleased.

Not planning on buying hot rollers anytime soon? HERE is how you can cheat volume with a flat iron!

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