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5 DIY Hairstyles to Beat the Heatwave

It’s been a hot one, like a really, really hot one. And while summer parties and nights out are all the rage, keeping your hair the way you want it feels next to impossible. Between humidity and the hot summer sun, the last thing anyone wants is sweaty bangs stuck to their face or long hair draped down the back of their neck. It may be a scorcher outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look just as hot. Here are five hot weather hairstyles to help you beat the heat and still look good.

1. The Low Bun

The sleek bun has been a go-to for that “clean girl,” easygoing aesthetic. But when the summer heat rolls in, it’s not always that simple to keep things sleek. Try the low bun and let your natural texture shine. Don’t be afraid to let the bun get a little messy. The key to making this hot weather hairstyle look purposeful and not “fresh out of bed,” is to keep the hair around your face pulled back and the bun low. A high bun looks cute too, but the elegance of this hairstyle comes from it’s simplicity.

Pro Tip: A pair of drop or dangle earrings can really take this look to the next level.

2. The Bubble Pony

If you’re more of a ponytail person, you need to try the bubble pony. Traditional ponytails and party ponies work great for summer too, but the bubble pony is the partiest of ponies. When creating this style at home, you can start your pony at any height you like. Keep in mind, the higher you go the less hair you’ll have hanging on your neck. After you get the base secured, travel down your pony about an inch to an inch and half at a time, adding elastics as you go. After each elastic, pull at the hair in-between softly and slowly to create the bubble effect for this hot day hairstyle.

Pro Tip: The bubble pony is the perfect summer style for parties and big events. Add embellished clips or elastics to each bubble for an extra oomph of glam when going out.

3. The Braid Crown

Braid crowns may look intimidating, but they are much easier than you think. The simplest way to accomplish this look at home is to start with two pigtail braids that begin just behind the ear. The only tools you will need beyond that are a few bobby pins and a couple of clear or hair-colored elastics. Once your hair is braided, simply take each pigtail, lift it up, and lay it toward the top center of your head. Once there, tuck the ends of your braid into the opposite braid on top to hide any stray hairs. Pin and call it a day. Additionally, if your hair is long enough, you could take your left braid across the top of your head and pin it behind your right ear. The right braid would then go around the back of the head and get pinned beneath the left braid.

Pro Tip: This hot weather hairstyle can be altered in any way you see fit. Leave hair out around the face, pull it all back, pull out the braids a bit to create a more tousled look—the choice is yours!

4. Space Buns

Space buns are an incredibly versatile and gorgeous way to beat the heat. The beauty of space buns is that they don’t have to be smooth and sleek, they don’t have to be big, and they don’t have to be on top of your head. Try them half-up half-down, try them lower, wear them with your natural texture, or wear them with a little hair pulled out around the face. The opportunities are endless.

Pro Tip: The hardest part of creating this heatwave-approved hairstyle at home is getting the buns to feel balanced. Depending on your hair’s length, we recommend starting by creating two ponytails and making sure they are even first. From there, you can twist, tousle, and tease into a bun.

5. The Claw Clip Twist

A personal favorite, the claw clip twist. It’s easy, it’s cute, and with the variety of gorgeous claw clips on the market these days, this style can lean any way you want it to. Twist up all your hair for a style that is more sleek, or leave some out for something a bit more “effortless.” In time, the claw clip twist will be the “cool girl hairstyle” of 2022.

Pro Tip: This hot weather hairstyle is perfect for the day-to-night transition. Wear your hair twisted up all day and watch the texture and bounce in your lengths increase once your take it down. Say hello to effortless, tousled summer hair.

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