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How 8 Salon Owners Are Coping with the Shut Down

Salons may be temporarily shut down, but that doesn’t mean the industry is. Though we’ve never faced a situation quite like the coronavirus pandemic before, it’s reassuring to know that we’re not alone, and even industry veterans are dealing with the same set of unprecedented challenges.

To better prepare for another month of salons being shuttered, we went straight to the source and checked in with salon owners, to find out how they are coping with the closures. Their responses are definitely inspirational and offer a message of hope for both stylists and clients, as well as practical advice on the next steps in rebuilding and how to keep your head high at this present moment. From connecting with clients on social media, to keeping positive, and preparing their kits, one thing is for sure — salon owners are still putting in work.

HERE’s how celebs are coping with COVID-19.

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