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How a Top Celeb Colorist Deals With Fried Hair Before a Makeover

A dye job gone wrong, an obsession with heat styling, multiple no-wash days, and lots of dry shampoo. The reasons for why we succumb our hair to damage are never-ending. If you intend on arriving for your hair color appointment with fried hair, though, think again. Before you re-book an appointment, it’s best you repair your locks before the damage becomes irreversible and results in hair loss. Ahead, Redken Color Ambassador and celebrity colorist Matt Rez shares his tips and go-to repair masks to use on clients’ brittle hair before doing a color makeover. 


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Get On a Repair Regimen

I put clients with super-damaged hair on a strict repair plan before doing any more chemical and/or color treatments. I have them either come in to the salon for protein and/or moisture masks with heat under the dryer once a week for a period of time to rebuild their cuticle up. I also have them do at-home hair masks to get their hair in better shape. My favorite mask is Redken Extreme Mega Mask between salon visits for hair that needs repairing from lightening. Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask is my go-to to keep colored hair hydrated. 

Educate Clients On Best Practices

I always tell my clients to follow the label instructions when it comes to repair products. Overuse, prolonged time, and extra heat may not always be a plus as too much buildup may occur from high-grade products that are potent. Too much of anything can be harmful for the hair. 

Assess The Damage

I won’t work on a client’s hair when it’s so damaged that I can’t finger comb their hair – I get stuck. How long someone should wait to get a color correction after a really damaging/frying experience is dependent on the integrity of their hair. If you can’t get your fingers through it after brushing because the hair is so dry, avoid any chemical.  In the meantime, clients should avoid ammoniated hair color or products with high alcohol content.

Avoid Overlap

I always also make sure to not overlap and damage further when times comes to coloring their hair in any case. Lazy color application is often the reason for a lot of the damaged hair we colorists see and it’s our responsibility to make sure we protect clients from these unfortunate outcomes. For example, to maintain your client’s hair health, take the time to feather in color and/or weave out pre-lit strands of hair so that they are not re-saturated by the lightener or break off. My favorite tool to apply color is a rat tail comb for the weaving out of pre-lit hair off my subsection that’s getting foiled.  

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