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An L.A. Hairdresser Explains How She Plans to Handle Backed-Up Hair Appointments, Post-Social Distancing

While hair is becoming more and more of a priority as the months of social distancing extend longer, there’s no place in greater demand of tress treatment than Los Angeles.

From vibrant hues, to edgy ‘dos, the City of Angels is booming with hairstylists and colorists—and people desperate for their services. That said, with services on hold due to the current conditions, it’s only expected to be a madhouse when salons slowly begin getting back into routine.

To give us a sense of what we can expect in the coming months, we reached out to Sarah Klein of West Hollywood’s trendy Nine Zero One salon, who shed some light on her plan of attack for handling backed-up hair appointments.

“I’m fully planning on working extra hours or days in order to do my best in accommodating my clients,” Sarah tells Mane Addicts. “I’ll also make myself available for house calls if possible for those who feel uncomfortable or uneasy coming into the salon. Of course I’m not going to run myself down, and I’ll stay healthy, but I’m also prepared to work extra for a month or two after we’re back. I’m actually excited to!”

One simple way to appease everyone? It’s easy: “Communication.”

“It’s most important,” Sarah says. “Coming to an agreement with all clients on the situation currently, how things will now operate with certain necessary changes, and keeping them in the loop will help the transition be much smoother. What’s most important is letting your clients know that you haven’t forgotten them, they are your priority along with everyone’s health at this time, and you’re doing what it takes to get them in!” 

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