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How I Prepped My Hair Health For My Wedding Day

When it comes to healthy hair and skin, I don’t cut corners. So you better believe that for my wedding, I started prepping my hair, skin and nails months before the big “I do.” I have a relatively consistent regime when it comes to my beauty routine. For skin, I use all my MARA products morning and night and for hair, I wash my hair about three times a week. However, in order to make sure my hair looked shiny, healthy and strong for my wedding day, I started doing a few extra steps that overall made a big improvement in my mane. See below for a detailed look on how I prepped my hair health for my wedding day!

How I Prepped My Hair Health For My Wedding Day | Mane Addicts
llison mnam


This should go without saying but a major cut ahead of your big day is not a good idea. You want to look and feel like yourself and not be stressed about a new style or length. To prepare, I got a nice, modest trim with my hairstylist Lovette Candice one month before. I don’t love my hair freshly cut, so I timed it out so that my ends would still look fresh but would have a little bit of a lived-in look.

Hair Color

A big piece of advice I got from my married friends was to ditch my trendy front chunks, also known as money pieces, ahead of my wedding. I’ve had my money pieces since end of 2020 and although I was quite used to them, I agreed I didn’t want to look back on photos and potentially regret having a more edgy / less timeless wedding day look. So, two weeks prior to my big day I went in to see my colorist Cassondra Kaeding, who is also my fiance, to fill in the front highlights and blend them with my normal hair. I went in two weeks before because I wanted my color fresh but I also don’t like when my hair is just colored, I like when it’s had a few washes to settle. We also brought some gloss along to do a very quick refresh the day prior, since the Tulum ocean water and sun lightened my hair a bit.

Collagen Supplements

Three months prior to my wedding, I started taking a super high quality collagen supplement by Agent Nateur called Holi (Mane) after seeing amazing reviews about it online. The supplement is in powder form and is virtually odorless, scentless and tasteless and I found it best to mix in with my coffee each morning. I definitely prefer this to hair gummies with Biotin because my skin tends to breakout when take too much. I have seen a definite improvement in my hair and nails and I do think it helped reduce COVID-related hair shedding.

Agent Nateur Holi (Mane): $92

Agent Nateur Holi (Mane) How I Prepped My Hair Health For My Wedding Day | Mane Addicts
via Violet Grey

Hair Growth Serums and Oils

About two months prior to my wedding when I got COVID, I totally panicked that I was going to lose hair due to COVID-related shedding. So, I went wild ordering all sorts of hair things, two of which were the Agent Nateur Holi (Locks) Strengthening Hair Serum and the Agent Nateur (Hair) Silk Peptides Soft Hydrating Hair Serum. Holi (Locks) is a treatment oil that’s meant to be applied to the scalp and left on for 8-12 hours and then rinsed off. I love the fresh, almost minty smell of this formula. I used Hair (Silk) as you would with any normal hair or styling oil, just a little on the ends for some shine. I am not a huge hair oil person but this one, when used sparingly, didn’t weight down my hair. I also love using my MARA Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil on dry ends, cuticles and hands — it’s the perfect texture for my fine hair.

Agent Nateur Holi (Locks) Strengthening Hair Serum: $88

Agent Nateur Holi (Locks) Strengthening Hair Serum | Mane Addicts
via Dermstore

Agent Nateur Hair (Silk) Peptides Soft Hydrating Serum: $88

Agent Nateur (Silk) Peptides Soft Hydrating Serum | Mane Addicts

MARA Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil: $72

MARA Universal Face Oil | Mane Addicts
via Revolve

Bi-Monthly Hair Masks

I’ll be honest, I am not a huge hair mask-er! Even though I color my hair, I have found that most masks weigh down my hair and actually make it more brittle and less hydrated in the long run. That is, until I stumbled upon this Dr Sturm Repair Hair Mask that’s filled with Shea Butter, Olive and Algae to deeply hydrate hair. I’ve been using it twice a month for the past few months and definitely feel like my hair looking healthier.

Bi-Monthly Hair Masks | Mane Addicts
via Dr Sturm

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