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How I Style My New Bottleneck Bangs

Well, the curtain bang trend was fun while it lasted. This season’s latest and greatest in fringe is taking a more traditional approach with bottleneck bangs. As seen on modern icons like Lily Collins and Margot Robbie, the key to bottleneck bangs is all in the movement. Specifically crafted to frame the face, starting shorter in the center and angling down to curve around the contours of the cheeks and jawline, bottleneck bangs are the epitome of effortless.

That’s why I decided to trade in my middle-parted fringe for this chic new style. Check out how I style my bottleneck bangs below!

bottleneck bangs | Mane Addicts
Via @allykolsky

Step 1: Wash and Volumize

A solid base is the key to nailing any style. To prep my face-framing strands, I like to start with Pureology’s Pure Volume shampoo to give my bangs a little lift. This lightweight wash adds touchable texture and palpable volume to my relatively straight hair.

If I’m working with second day strands, I’ll hit my fringe with a spritz of Living Proof’s iconic new Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo to add texture and eliminate oil prior to styling.

Wash and Volumize bottleneck bangs | Mane Addicts

Via Sephora

Step 2: Round Brush Out

Working with wet or dry tresses, I use a medium round brush from top-tier blowout brand DryBar to give my bottleneck bangs a nice round curve. Focusing on that iconic wavy shape, I like to dry the longer pieces at the ends by brushing out and away from the face, constantly wrapping and re-wrapping for added fluff.

Round Brush Out | Mane Addicts

Via Sephora

Step 3: Add a Curl

When it comes to bottleneck bangs, I opt for a messier aesthetic over something sleek. Using a classic 1″ iron, like ghd’s Classic Curl, I give the ends of my bangs just a slight inward bend, pulling slightly to the side for a messy wave. Then, I use the same iron to give the longer pieces on the sides a more defined wave. Once this is complete, I finger-comb my fringe to finish off that slept-in aesthetic.

Add a Curl | Mane Addicts

Via Sephora

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