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How I’m Caring for My New Sunny Bronde at Home

By now you probably already know, bronde is 2021’s breakout shade.

Perfectly sunkissed strands are always in. But this expertly blended blonde-to-brunette hue gives a whole new meaning to the word “glow.” Seriously, the golden hour has nothing on bronde. So I decided to try this luminous lightening technique out, to see if the super trendy tone was really worth the hype. Spoiler alert: it is. But while my new blended brunette looks low maintenance, it definitely requires greater care than my natural color.

Read on to find out how I’m caring for my new sunny bronde at home.

Hydration is an absolute must

Even brondes need a little extra love. At the end of the day, bleach just isn’t your friend. Lifting your locks can definitely cause damage, if not properly cared for. So once I went bronde, I swapped my volumizing shampoos and conditioners for something thicker and richer. Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! shampoo and conditioner  contain the perfect balance of nourishing ingredients to keep dryness at bay.

In addition, I’ve been showing my strands some TLC once weekly with Olaplex’s first ever hair mask, the No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask. Just a single pump of this super concentrated formula adds a grease-free burst of much needed moisture.

Last but not least, a little bit of leave in conditioner, courtesy of clean beauty brand Odele, has been instrumental in maintaining my fresh color. Turns out my toned up tresses are more prone to tangles, so this lightweight detangling serum allows me to brush my mane without breakage.

Via Sephora

A little bit of purple shampoo never hurt anybody

When it comes to color maintenance, there’s not much you need to do to keep a bronde in tact. There’s really no need for daily color shampoos and conditioners. However, over time, brassiness can still creep into even the most low-key lowlights. To keep my bronde looking straight-from-the-salon fresh, I rely on R + Co’s iconic Sunset Blvd. Shampoo. Rotating this product into my routine once or twice a month has kept my bronde looking subtle and sunkissed. Purple shampoo can be a little drying, so I try to use it sparingly.

Via Dermstore

Airdry all day, every day

Bleach breakage and color-treated dryness are always on my mind now that I’m rocking a bronde. Unfortunately, that means keeping the heat to a minimum. No more curling irons, no more blowdryers. Instead, I’m relying on old school curlers and Odele’s Airdry Styler to keep my newly tinted tresses under control.

Via Target

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