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How to Create and Launch a ‘Buzzy’ Hair Product, From Someone Who’s Done It

We’ve all seen hair products or brands seemingly pop up out of nowhere, only to take over our IG feeds and every influencer on them.

While understandable if the product is created by a famed hair stylist or backed by a huge celeb—but what about other brands that have magically found their way, too? Is it a huge budget? Is it the best PR team?

To gain more intel, we reached out to Shiva Tavakoli, co-founder of Joon Haircare. The brand recently released a saffron rose shampoo and conditioner duo, but it initially gained attention with the launch of its multipurpose Saffron Hair Elixir Oil.

As someone with experience in the hair industry, keep reading for what Shiva had to tell Mane Addicts about “buzzy” hair products and how they come to be.

Mane Addicts: What defines a “buzzy” hair product?

Shiva Tavakoli: A buzzy hair product is one that is frequently talked about and appears frequently on social media or in the press. There’s usually something that sets it apart from other hair care lines on the market. 

MA: What contributes to a hair product’s “buzz” factor?

ST: Unique ingredients, a compelling story, brands founded by a famous or notable person, something found all over social media, or maybe it has widespread distribution. In our current age of social media, these buzzy products typically have a large presence with aesthetically pleasing packaging.

MA: Do products or brands need to have a huge financial backing to pick up that kind of traction?

ST: Brands don’t necessarily have to have huge financial backing. There are many indie beauty brands lately that have picked up traction due to the fact that they do things differently from the more established brands. It’s more difficult for beauty corporations to innovate at the same speed as a smaller brand. 

MA: What are some ways for newer hair brands/products with smaller budgets to snag that it-factor?

ST: Finding a way to make your haircare line unique is how you can snag that it-factor. Joon has an interesting story, unique ingredients and a strong mission. My brother, Kayvon Tavakoli, co-founder of Joon, and I grew up in the haircare industry. My father had a chain of salons in Texas, and as he was opening them, he realized he wasn’t happy with the national lines he was stocking on the shelves of his salon, so he decided to open his own haircare laboratory.

My brother and I learned the ins and outs of the hair industry from spending time in my father’s business. In the summer, we visited our grandparents in Iran. My grandpa was a spice exporter and he would send many of these Persian spices such as Saffron to European countries. My grandmother, and many generations of Persian women before her, would cook with these ingredients and use many of them in her beauty rituals. We learned from her that these ingredients are not only good for consumption but also beauty products. We combined these Persian spices from our grandmother’s kitchen table with modern chemistry from our father’s haircare laboratory, and Joon was born. 

MA: Are there any distinct DOs or DON’Ts for achieving buzz-worthy status?

ST: Don’t try to be like every other brand—whether that be in the products you launch, or the marketing campaigns you implement. Try to think outside the box of what has not been done before. Do think of your unique perspective. What sets you apart as a person, or what are your personal pain points? If you think of ways to solve these issues in a different way than what’s already in the market, you may be able to reach buzz-worthy status.

Of course, once you have that, think of ways to get your message out there with social media or the press, because they will help propel your brand to buzz-worthy status. It is, however, much easier to get influencers or brands to speak about you when you have something unique to offer them. 

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