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How Lisa Price Went From Selling at Church Flea Markets to Selling Carol’s Daughter to L’Oreal

From securing voting rights in 1920 to launching world-renowned corporations, we’ve come a long way as females! International Women’s Day takes place on March 8th this year. It’s a global day that champions the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all around the globe. We tend to go full speed all year but for one day, International Women’s Day allows us to take a pause and applaud the baddies around us.

Here at Mane Addicts, we love celebrating women and their accomplishments more than anyone. This series will take you inside the lives and minds of some of the biggest female names in hair.

Lisa Price didn’t just start a product line, she started a whole category of hair care 25 years ago. She seized the opportunity to provide superior products to an underserved demographic and has since won the acclaim of customers and celebrities alike. Here she gets real with Mane Addicts about entrepreneur struggles and what keeps her sane.

MA: Tell us about your business.

Lisa Price: I am Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter. My brand is a Hair and Body care line that I started in my kitchen in Brooklyn in 1993. My brand was one of the first brands to cater to the Natural Hair Consumer.

MA: How did you get started in hair?

Lisa Price: I started making body butters in my kitchen in 1993. I sold at flea markets and craft fairs in Brooklyn and also out of my apartment. Early on, women began to ask me for hair care. I did some research and began making hair products about 3 months after I started. I had several friends who braided and did locs for people. I made oils and pomades for them to try on their clients and I kept listening for what they/she wanted.

MA: What was the first step you took to start your company?

Lisa Price: It started as a hobby and one day in May 1993, after being encouraged by my mom, Carol, I sold my products at a church flea market. That was the beginning of where I am today.

MA: What have you found useful to get through the hard times?

Lisa Price: Remembering what my mother always taught me, no matter what I am going through, I am blessed. I have a gift. My gift is my passion and I get to share my gift and work my passion and get paid to do it.

MA: What makes you unique as a female entrepreneur?

Lisa Price: I am unique in that I built a brand when an industry for it did not yet exist. I am unique because I did this before the internet, Amazon and social media. I am unique because I am an introvert who does a very extroverted job.

MA: What is the best advice you’ve received on your entrepreneur journey?

Lisa Price: Stay true to who I am. I was told that the truth (authenticity) is like the roots of a tree. If there are lies at the roots of a tree, how will it grow to be strong, bear fruit and withstand storms? Nothing good grows from lies and inauthentic behavior. Good comes from love and truth.

MA: Do you have any tips for young females looking to get into the hair business?

Lisa Price: Know what it is that you bring to the table. Know and own your story. Know what it is that makes you different and never let go of that.

MA: What is your morning routine? How does it help you kick off your day?

Lisa Price: I start my day in quiet. I sit with my coffee and I journal. I practice gratitude every day by listing things for which I am grateful and then I write down my dreams as if they have already come true. And, most days, I then plan my days, weeks and months, ensuring that I am doing things that will help facilitate me being able to realize those dreams.

MA: What tech device or app do you credit for making you more productive?

Lisa Price: I don’t know what I would do without my phone. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max or something like that. And the WW app helps me track what I eat, how much I eat, when I eat and how much and when do I move my body. This helps me to stay on track with my program and stay healthy, which in turn makes me productive.

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