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How to Make Hair Color Last in the Four Basic Categories

Aside from the health of our hair post-color service, the next thing on our minds is always how to make hair color last.

Unfortunately, depending on the hue you opt for (we’re looking at you, red!), your synthetic shade can easily rinse out. But whether it’s red, black, brown or blonde, there are ways to prolong the looks. Keep reading for how to make hair color last in the four basic categories.

girl with red hair and side part
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As we mentioned above, red is notoriously difficult to maintain—but at the end of the day, whether it’s bold burgundy or standard blonde, the same rules pretty much apply. With a little extra mindfulness every time you rinse, you just may be able to hold onto that hair color a wee bit longer.

Cold Rinse

For starters, opt for a cold water rinse. While maybe not the most relaxing shower experience, sometimes you’ve gotta make those sacrifices for the locks you love.

Wash Less

And speaking of hair washing, when in doubt, cut it out! If you can get by with dry shampoo or a no-rinse cleanser, that’s your best bet for as long as possible.

Avoid Sulfates

And once you do make the decision to wash those tresses, avoid shampoos with sulfates. These are the foaming agents that strip the strands of natural oils and color. While there’s deep debate on whether or not sulfates are actually bad, you will want to avoid them when it comes to hair color in particular.

(via Unsplash)

Minimize Clarifying Shampoos

On that note, same goes for excessive use of clarifying shampoos. While these are actually highly recommended overall (especially if you’ve been working out, applying product or had one too many cigarettes smoked in your direction), they’re only advised for bi-monthly use. Because they’re made to remove buildup from your hair, your color tends to go along with it.

Hair Masks

When all else fails and you don’t want to make that trip to the salon, try a color reviver hair mask. Garnier makes a great one, and all you need is five minutes for less than $8! The masks are made with color depositing pigments, which help revive the strands.

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