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How Often Should You Really Get a Haircut?

Even the most dedicated Mane Addicts have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with haircuts.

On the one hand, nothing beats that freshly-cut, ultra-healthy hair feeling. On the other hand, loosing a little bit of length can cause grow-out anxiety. While we all know that haircuts are a vital part of maintaining a mane (bottom line: we need them), what exactly are the benefits of regular haircuts? And how regular should your regular haircuts be?

To answer these questions (and more!), we sat down with one of the beauty industry’s most exciting stylists: Tiffany Hunter, master haircutting stylist and owner of Damn, Glam! Studio.

Rule of Thumb: Quarterly Cuts

So just how often should you be getting a haircut? “I recommend quarterly haircuts, between 10-12 weeks” Tiffany says. “Unless my client is maintaining a high maintenance haircut (pixie, fade, french bob, etc.), I typically see them 4 times a year for general hair health.” That’s right, not once a year. Not “just when I feel like I need one.” Quarterly cuts are the key to keeping your mane maintained.


Hair Texture and Type May Play a Role in Scheduling

When it comes to scheduling, texture and type might impact how long you can go in-between cuts. “I personally think my clients with a high textured hair have more longevity of their haircuts, as the shape holds substantially stronger, if they’re natural and not using heat the hair is exposed to less heat damage and in turn less split ends and heat damage in general” Tiffany explains. Those with finer hair are more prone to. heat and environmental damage, according to this expert. In addition, color-treated hair often needs more frequent haircuts to help strengthen the strands.


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Regular Haircuts Stimulate Growth and Improve Overall Hair Health

Yes, you’ve got to lose a little length. But in exchange you get some serious benefits. “Some benefits of regular haircuts include: fresh ends with little to no split ends, continuous and healthy growth (yes your hair gets longer when you cut it regularly!!), and seeing your not therapist therapist” Tiffany explains.

You heard her right: haircuts actually help your hair grow in the long run. “Keeping up with frequent haircuts can help bridge the gap between new and old hair, healthy and dead hair, without having to sacrifice length to keep the hair feeling healthy” Tiffany explains. How awesome is that? Regular haircuts not only give you that salon-fresh feel, but also help you achieve your desired grow-out length over time.


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Know Your Schedule and Stylist

Looking to schedule your next trim? Well, there’s some things you need to know. Starting with when your last cut was. “If you can’t think of when the last time you had a cut was, it’s time for one!” Tiffany says. Most stylists have a booking system that helps you schedule what you need with the necessary time.
You should also come to your appointment prepared. And that means knowing your stylist (or their work, if their new) and coming with a clear idea of what you want. “If you’re seeing someone new or shopping for a new hairdresser, my advice is to check out their work via IG and see if there are hairstyles that really speak to you or match a hair type similar to yours” Tiffany recommends. She also recommends saving the haircuts you really like and showing them to your stylist during the consultation period. “[B]e clear about what you want, and more importantly what you don’t want” she says.
Just keep in mind these simple tips for a truly great trim!

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