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How a Poor Sleep Cycle Affects Your Hair

We’re overly inundated with vitamins these days–between beauty gummies, hair gummies, smoothies and supplements it can be overwhelming to walk down the health and vitamin aisle. How do you find the right cocktail of supplements that caters to your body’s needs? And are there things that we’re doing–like not sleeping enough–that could be affecting the growth cycle of our strands? Enter: Ashley Koff RD an award-winning nutrition expert who is breaking down the best vitamins to promote hair growth and how honing in on our everyday activities like sleep and nutrition can lead to the best results. 

How Sleep Affects Healthy Hair Ashley Koff RD Nutrition

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What are the best vitamins to promote hair growth? 

When it comes to healthy hair, skin and nails there are nutrients that the body needs in order for us to keep all of that healthy. We have to be careful when saying “What nutrients will promote hair growth?” because hair growth can be multi-factorial. It could be related to things you are experiencing in your life like stress. It could be related to medications. So I want to make sure there is a caveat to the results. Things like collagen, biotin, getting in your B vitamins, making sure your digestive system is working well (probiotics), even things like plant protein are going to be really helpful. I love Espira’s GLOW (AM Protect + PM Restore), as well as our Plant Protein Powder. Those three are going to be an easy way to help promote healthy hair, skin and nails.

Is there a thing as too much biotin / too many beauty vitamins? 

There is definitely a thing of too much of anything. It’s especially easy to overdo it when it comes in a supplement form. Supplements are supplemental to a healthy diet, and as a practitioner I’m more concerned with your total nutrition. When I’m advising supplements, I always first ask what is going on in your body from a food standpoint, and then what supplements can help prevent any gaps/address any gaps that come up (you don’t like certain foods or have access to certain nutrients), or maybe your body is deficient in something and that can be a good way to replenish from a supplement standpoint. But there definitely is such a thing as too much!

How can you make sure you’re not intaking too much of a good thing?

One of the key things is to work with your healthcare practitioner to make sure your supplements are complimenting your food and total intake. There are RDA’s that are 100%. In some instances, it’s totally OK to get in more than 100%, but I’d do that with the knowledge of both your practitioner and yourself, and also looking at what you’re getting from your food. That’s why I have my clients use my evaluations to see what they’re getting out of both food and supplements.

Does collagen affect hair or hair growth at all?

Collagen is going to be part of helping us maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. It certainly plays a role, and helps make sure the body has what it needs. 

Does sleep cycle affect hair growth?

100%! This involves getting enough sleep and good quality sleep. (Restful sleep vs. hours but not feeling well rested). This is why I’m such a fan of Espira’s Restful Sleep, because it’s a supplement that can help us ensure we’re getting better quality sleep, which is time for recovery. One of the things that can be a negative factor in hair growth or overall appearance of hair, skin etc. is going to be whether or not we’re turning off our stress responses and allowing our bodies enough relaxation and recovery. 

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