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HOW-TO: 5 Fast Curly Girl Hairstyles

 A lot of times we’ll see tips and guides on how to “tame” our frizz and curls. How about we just embrace ‘em? There are way more pros than cons when it comes to curly hair. For one, curly hair gives more body and texture, making it easier for cool intricate updos to hold. Plus, curls are super fun and vivacious, you barely need to do much styling for a standout hairdo.  So put down the flat iron and unleash those curls with some fabulous manespiration below.


Sure, sleek braids are gorge, but full textured plaits are incomparable!

curly braid

You have full permission to get messy with these braids, because the less perfect the better! Asymmetrically section the front of your hair into two, creating a side part. You should have three sections of hair — the two in the front and one in the back. Create a loose braid in each section. Take the two front braids and criss cross it in the middle, securing it with pins. Continue to tuck and wrap the two braids into the back braid, creating an intricate loose braided look. Secure the ends with a elastic band. Find more at Refinery29’s hairstyle story.



A classic bold yet easy-to-do look that never goes out of style.

curly faux hawk

Section off the  front of your hair into a triangle shape. Applying water and gel to the sides of your hair, section the middle of your hair — from ear to ear — into a high ponytail. Follow the previous step for another ponytail below, but leave some hair out towards the bottom. Take the bottom section of left out hair and twist it up into the ponytail above, securing with bobby pins. Fluff out your curls with your fingers for volume. Find more at Seventeen.



Curls were made to be playful!

Curly Pigtails

Section your hair into two, creating a center part. One section at a time, apply a few spritz of water and gel to your edges before brushing up into a pigtail. Fluff out your curls for an adorable and fun look!



curly chignon

Section the front of your hair into two and create a twist in each section. Pull your twists back to the middle, conjoining them with an elastic band. Create a two-strand twist with the rest of your hair (including the front twists). Tuck in your twist into your hair and secure with bobby pins.



pineapple natural hair

Spray water on the edge and sides of your hair, then apply gel. Brush your hair upwards, create a high poof updo using a large elastic band. Pull your poof towards the front by tightening the elastic band. Fluff out your curls. Add some extra pizazz to your look by pulling out a few strands of of hair near your ears.

Need more ideas for curly hair? Check out Natural Hair 7 Ways.

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