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HOW-TO: A 7 Day Styling Guide


If you’re like me, washing your hair is the last thing on the mind. In our over-produced society I find comfort spending my days perfecting a week long of “untouched” hair; and lets keep it real… that “one too many discos and now passed out at the beach” look is always in.
With that in mind it’s important to know how to reach this unkept status, while maintaining a sense of living-in-four-walls-that-contain-a-shower.  So I decided to share a daily break down.
It’s day 1 and you’ve just washed your hair… clean slate, fresh start.  For many, this is the dreaded moment where product stripped from last weeks life means returning to lifeless, overly silky hair… I shudder at the thought.  However, this is your beauty cabinets moment to shine!  I like to start with a lightweight mousse in damp hair mainly focusing on the roots.  This gives hold for my “hair flip” and is the perfect foundation to build the next coming days of styling upon.  Remember we’re thinking longevity, so a light spritz of salt spray from mid-ends does the trick; hair is left to air dry.
bedhead blonde
Day 2 is owned by what I like the call “sheet styling”… The true legitimate woke up like this mess that’s only obtained via dreams drempt and my mane smushing into my pillow case.  I love the frothy texture that’s been naturally built and it can be enhanced with an all over shot of dry texture spray.
flat iron waves cheat cheat
Day 3 4 5 AND 6 consist of a flatiron + a 1 1/4” curling iron that = the ever coveted LA Bend… Learn how to achieve this relaxed BEACH WAVE and wear it proudly for four days straight.  Little tweaks (an added curl here, a little bend there) will be needed periodically but for the most part sit back and enjoy the lovely mess you’ve made.
Note: Over these 4 days Dry Shampoo is your BFFF and a little clay wax at the ends pulls everything together.
OH AND big thanks to BuzzFeed for the hair hack photo!
undone, top knot, half top knot, styling, dry shampoo, texture, curls, waves, messy hair
Day 7 is why God created hair ties.  Utilize product build-up (and probably another half a can of dry shampoo) for an undone topknot (or its sister the half up topknot) and secure with a Cyndi band.
Check out our MANE ADDICTS Pinterest page for more #manespiration and be sure to comment below on any looks you’d like to see us break down!

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