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Stylists Reveal How to Achieve a Perfect Strawberry Blonde Color at Home

Strawberry blonde has become one of the trendiest fall colors this year. You may have even bookmarked images of the hue as inspiration for your quarantine dye job. But when it comes to figuring out how to achieve the strawberry blonde color at home, it’s easy to feel a bit lost.

Booking an appointment with your hairstylist is the way to go, though the pandemic makes that a bit difficult. So if you’re looking to dye your hair strawberry blonde at home, we’ve got some advice.

Below, a couple of stylists share their tips and tricks for achieving the hue on your own. Keep scrolling to read what they had to share!

Don’t Make a Drastic Change

Transitioning your color from dark to light always requires more time, energy, and effort. So those with deeper hues may not be able to make the switch as well as those who are already on the blonde spectrum.

“If they are already blonde, they could just use a toning shampoo, conditioner, or just a gloss color, so that’s easy,” stylist Jules Nolan of Mikki Auld Hairdressing notes. “But if they weren’t blonde, it would be very difficult to get a nice even blonde to then tone to strawberry.”

Even if you’re brave enough to to lighten your hair on your own, Jules doesn’t recommend it.

“Ultimately, I wouldn’t recommend anyone bleach their own hair at home unless they are okay with having an uneven result and risking damage to their hair,” she says.

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Try a Wig

Whether or not you’re ready to make the strawberry blonde switch, stylist Laura Rugetti of the Beauty Can offers a fun trick to see if the hue will work for you.

“If you want to know if a hair color is good for you, always try a wig first. Or, hold up a swatch of hair to your face to see,” she shares.

This hair hack will help you better understand if you should go strawberry blonde before any damage is done.

Ask Your Stylist to Make a Color Kit

Once you’ve decided that strawberry blonde is the color for you, Laura suggests reaching out to your stylists for a personalized color kit.

“With strawberry blonde, it’s best to have your stylist make a kit,” she notes. “It’s very important that the stylist mixes the color based on your natural color and the ends of your hair. But if you already have strawberry blonde hair, you can always use the Dphue Root Touch-Up Kit in Strawberry.”

Get the Right Color

Achieving the strawberry blonde color at home requires you to get the right dye for your strands. If you forgo help from your stylist (which isn’t entirely recommended), Laura has a favorite at-home dye worth trying.

She’s a fan of Dphue Gloss+ in both Strawberry and Copper. Depending on the hair color you’re starting with, one of these will give you the strawberry blonde you desire.

Know Which Other Products to Buy

Other than the hair dye, Laura recommends purchasing another product.

“Being a strawberry blonde, I love color depositing conditioner to keep your color fresh,” she says. “Keracolor makes great depositing conditioners. A lot of my clients use the copper for their very copper strawberry blonde strands.”

Follow Directions

The application process will be different for everyone and so will the results.

Given you may not be a hairstylist dyeing your strands at home, it’s critical you follow directions on the products you use. You don’t want anything to go wrong, do you?

“If you have to dye your hair from home, always follow directions on the color’s instructions,” Laura states. “It’s also important to make sure you have clean sections for the color. And a lot of the root colors you never want to pull through, because it will leave the ends a different color. This is why I always recommend a gloss for the ends.”

See a Stylist for Help

When in doubt, turn to your stylist for help. No matter how experienced you may be at dyeing your own tresses, it doesn’t hurt to seek advice from a professional.

“I always say going to a professional for color is the best,” Laura notes.

Even if you can’t make physically make it into the salon during these times, see if your stylist would be open to a FaceTime or Zoom appointment. These could be the appointments of the future.


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