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Master the Every Day Blowout by Clariss Rubenstein

There’s hardly a girl who doesn’t wake up in the morning with hair that’s stringy, piecey, and unkempt. Well we’re here with Mane Master Clariss Rubenstein to break down the everyday blowout- a quick and easy way to look like you “just woke up like this.” We’re talking about the perfect natural hair (think 60’s icon Jane Birkin)- straight but with movement, shine, and separation.

curls, blowout, sleek, straight,


curls, blowout, sleek, straight,

STEP 1: Start by brushing out hair completely.

curls, blowout, sleek, straight, bangs

STEP 2: If you have bangs, be sure to blow dry them first. Because Dominique has naturally smooth hair, a ceramic round brush works best.

curls, blowout, sleek, straight,

STEP 3: Blow dry remaining hair with a paddle brush using a “flat wrap” technique. This means brushing the hair against your scalp from one side of your head to the other with the blowdryer following the brush, then repeating in the opposite direction. This technique is great to rearrange hair that may have kinks, cowlicks, or partings.

curls, blowout, sleek, straight,

STEP 4: Take large sections of hair and wrap around a 1 1/2 inch barrel iron from roots to ends.

curls, blowout, sleek, straight,

STEP 5: Brush out hair with your paddle brush then mist with shine spray. Clariss recommends Tigi Bed Head Headrush shine spray.

curls, blowout, sleek, straight,


 Model: Dominique Sharpe @dominiquejane

Hair: Clariss Rubenstein @clarisshair

Makeup: Ashley Beverly @ashleybeverly

Photographer: Nate Hoffman @nhoffmanstudio

Retoucher: Samantha Levi @samstownusa

Producer: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea

2 minutes

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