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HOW-TO: Dolly Parton Bouffants at Jeremy Scott FW16 by Eugene Souleiman

Jeremy Scott FW16 Cowboys and Poodles NY Times Style Magazine T Magazine nyfw backstage

Honky tonk met pin-up at Jeremy Scott’s FW16 show, where the designer debuted his appropriately-named Cowboys and Poodles Collection, which featured no shortage of playful prints, loud colors, and big accessories—including hair. Backstage, lead hairstylist Eugene Souleiman told us, “I’ve tried to make the hair feel as if it’s been chemically processed. We’re literally teasing the death out of it to get it as big as we can possibly get it.”

Bouffant Dolly Parton Jeremy Scott FW16 nyfw eugene soulieman

“There’s a big nod to pin-up and burlesque dancers from late 50’s to early 60’s—very cheeky, very sexy, very big, very, kinda, trashy hair—which I love,” Souleiman said about the Dolly Parton-like bouffants.

Well Jeremy scott backstage bouffant nyfw dolly parton

He added, “We’re having fun creating these extreme, big hairstyles. I love the fact that were not holding back, just because we can. That’s Jeremy Scott—no one really does it better than him and that’s what I love about his shows.”

Blonde Bouffant Romee Strijd Jeremy Scott FW16 nyfw Eugene Soulieman

 The bigger the hair, the better! Who’s with us?

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