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HOW-TO: Braided Bun at Lela Rose Bridal Show

wedding dress  lela rose bridal fashion week

Hear that? It’s the sound of bridal fashion bells ringing! ICYDK, Bridal Fashion Week is currently goin’ down in The Big Apple. To kick off our excitement over the splendid springtime sitch, we’re breaking down the braided buns that starred in the Lela Rose show, thanks to celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Yepez and Beauty.com


  1. Prep the hair using Macadamia Professional Texturizing Salt Spray and Macadamia Foaming Volumizer, applying from root to end.
  2. Rough dry the hair and spray Macadamia Professional Tousled Texture Finishing Spray for added texture.
  3. Part hair down the middle, and separate into three sections with two in the front and one behind the head.
  4. Take one section on the side of the head, and braid all the way down. Secure with an elastic and repeat on the opposite side.
  5. Next, take the loose section of hair in the back and separate it into two braids. Twist them into each other creating a loose bun. Secure with bobby pins.
  6. Take the two braids from the front of the head, and bring them backwards crossing them over each other at the back of the head. Once crossed, wrap them around the braided bun and secure with a bobby pin.
  7. Finish the look with Macadamia Professional Flex Hold Shaping Spray to secure the hair and tame any fly-aways.

Lela Rose Braided Bun

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