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How to Break Up With Your Hairstylist, Straight From a Celebrity Hairstylist Themself

Breaking up is hard to do—and with your hairstylist is no exception. There’s a likely chance you’ve been with this person for a long time, and they’ve followed not only your hair’s ups and downs, but your personal life’s highs and lows, too. So, just how do you break up with your hairstylist?

Depending on your reason for parting ways, this could be a blow to your stylist’s ego. If you did indeed develop a friendship along the way, this could put a dent in it. To break down just how to go about this the right way, we reached out to Unite Hair ambassador and celebrity stylist, Graham Nation. Below, he explains how to break up with your hairstylist as tactfully as possible.

How to Break Up With Your Hairstylist | Mane Addicts
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Mane Addicts: What are some of the biggest reasons clients are known to part ways with their hairstylists? 

Graham Nation: Some of the biggest reasons I’ve seen for a client to break up with their hairstylist is the stylist quit giving the great service they started with. As a stylist, consistency is key. Also, if the stylist isn’t keeping up with education and learning new trends to keep their client happy, the client might want to move on.

MA: Coming from your end, what are the most tactful ways for a client to break up with their hairstylist?

GN: Honesty is always the move when it comes to breaking up with your hairstylist. It might seem harsh or mean, but being upfront will always be the route you want to take, and it will help keep mutual respect and a friendship in the long run.

MA: How have you dealt with clients parting ways with you? Are you able to brush it off easily or does it hurt no matter what?

GN: It’s just like anything, you never forget your first. So that one might stick with you a little longer. A client leaving is never a good thing and might make you feel some type of way for a moment, but try and look at it professionally and know at that point, it just wasn’t the right fit for both of you. Be happy for them and move on.

MA: Have you tried convincing clients to stay with you, or do accept their decision off the bat?

GN: I’ve never tried to convince a client to stay. The moment they talk to you, just know the client has been thinking about this for a while now. I would accept their decision and move on happily. I was once told when I was assisting, that you will never have a client forever. You might have them for years and years, but at some point, they’ll leave or you’ll leave and I find peace in that.

MA: Is it typically possible to maintain a friendship after you break up with your hairstylist?

GN: Yes, it’s definitely possible to maintain a friendship if the “breakup” is handled with respect from both sides. In business, sometimes things don’t work out, and the quicker you can separate your emotions from your business, the happier you’ll be in the end.

MA: Is there anything else you’d like to add on this matter?

GN: I think it’s important to respect yourself, your career, and your growth just as much as you should respect your clients’ wants and needs. Don’t take the breakup too personally and always strive to be the best version of yourself.

Speaking of the client-stylist relationship, HERE’s why stylists frequently befriend their clients, according to an expert.

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