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Is It Even Worth It to Color Your Hair in the Summer? We Asked an Expert

How to care for colored hair is challenging as it is—add the perils of sunshine, salt water, and chlorine to the mix, and you’ve got a long battle ahead. Yep, caring for colored hair during summer is more difficult than other times of the year. We were curious whether it’s even worth the effort, seeing how color during this time either fades or changes rapidly. We reached out to Theadora Guzmán, hairstylist and education manager at Maria Nila. Below, she breaks down the most important things to note when caring for colored hair during the summer.

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How Water Affects Hair Color

“Water can affect hair color because its pH is higher than the hair’s (5.5), so it can open the hair cuticle and cause color fading,” Theadora explains. “If you’re worried about water affecting your hair color—whether it’s salt, chlorinated, or alkaline water—don’t get your hair wet unless you’re going to wash it. Salt water can be abrasive on your hair and cause premature fading. Chlorine will fade both natural and colored hair, but it’s worse for colored hair because it binds to the color molecules and draws it out faster, especially if your hair is predominately gray.”

Theadora recommends using a Maria Nila Shampoo because they have a low pH of 5.5-6, which makes them gentle while also including the brand’s Color Guard Complex. She then suggests following up with a Maria Nila Colour Refresh Mask to revive color. 

How Maria Nila’s Silver Shot Helps Maintain Bleached Hair During Summer

The Silver Shot contains violet pigments, so you can use it to revive cool tones or use it as a treatment if you want a warmer result.

“The product is acidic so it will close the cuticle back up,” Theadora explains. “If someone has really porous hair and spends time in the ocean or a pool over the summer, they should use one application of the Silver Shot after they shampoo. This is a treatment product, so they don’t need to use it every time they shampoo nor every time they go to the beach or the pool. I recommend using it at the end of the season or after a vacation. That will give you the best results.”

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Coloring Your Hair During the Summer

“If you stop maintaining your color, it becomes more work and is more expensive when you want to go back to coloring,” Theadora explains. “You can also wear a hat to prevent the sun from fading your color and avoid submerging your hair under water—especially salt water and chlorinated water. Sometimes it’s okay to let the color fade out a bit but still maintain the roots. This is enough to maintain the overall look of the color and allows people to enjoy the summer without constant fear of their color fading.

Because all hair fades in the sun, pool, and ocean, Theadora suggests having your colorist “adjust their formulas and technique during the summer. You can maintain your base color and cover your grays, but let the ends fade. Also, getting lowlights during the summer is nice to keep a natural dimensional look that won’t look faded or dull after it’s been in the sun, ocean, or pool.”  

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