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Here’s How You Should Be Taking Care of Your Shears

As expensive as they are, haircutting shears are the bread and butter of celebrity hairstylists’ bustling day-to-day. Whether you’re just launching your career as a stylist or have been in the cutting game for a minute, possessing the knowledge to care for your pricey shears is precious information. To help keep your magic mane wand in mint condition, we asked top stylists to share their tips. Here is a list of their do’s and don’ts for proper shear care.

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How to Care for Hair Shears

Wipe and Oil Regularly 

“I make sure I never place them back in my drawer with hair stuck on them. I wipe them constantly to prevent hair from being stuck. Also, I make sure they are oiled regularly. I send them to BMAC every other year for proper evaluation and maintenance. Never toss them in the drawer and never leave them open in the drawer. They are always placed carefully to avoid any banging. I want to make sure they are in the best possible condition to keep the blades sharp and balanced.” —Shai Amiel

Never Drop Them

“I just get the loose hairs out by running them under warm water and, occasionally, wipe them with alcohol. Never drop them and don’t cut synthetic hair with your shears. Only cut real human hair.” —Anh Co Tran

Only Cut Hair With Them

“Only cut hair with them! Never use them for fabric or anything else. Don’t use any pressure with your thumb while cutting. It puts unnecessary tension on the blades and will make your scissors wear much much faster.” —Buddy Porter

Don’t Over-Sharpen

“Sharpen as necessary by a professional, but do not over sharpen scissors as it wears out the tip.”  —Lee Rittiner

Pack Them Safely

“I have a great case from Romero Canyon Leather specially designed for shears and combs to keep them safe and organized.” —Justine Marjan

Don’t Expose the Blade

“Regularly clean your shears and do not leave the blade open. Do not leave the blade exposed to anything.” —Cervando Maldonado

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