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Christina Aguilera’s “Shab” by Giannandrea


Christina Aguilera showed off a fresh new cut for spring just this past Thursday night at The Voice’s Spring Break Concert in LA. The singer known for her bleach blonde locks is the newest celeb to embrace the short haircut trend this year. We tracked down Mane Master Giannandrea Marongiu, the brains behind her new haircut and red carpet debut, who gave us some insight into “the shab” haircut.

christina aguilera short hair giannandrea marongiu the voice spring break concert

Why did Christina decide to go short with her cut?

“We are mid spring and with summer coming up, what better way to start this season with a short, fresh, and modern new hair cut.

We (me and Xtina Team)  talked about her cut the past few weeks, as I have just started to work with Christina. One of the creative ideas I had for her called for a change. I am a very seasonal beauty inspired artist, and the Voice Spring Break concert in LA was the perfect moment to reveal the new style.”


Did you use a razor or shears and why?

“’The Shab’ is what I call this hair cut! The Razor is my favorite tool for this kind of cut, it’s just like a magic wand it performs modern magic! Her cut is a modern progression of the bob but it has more life and does much more when you style it, as it has deep layering and an edge that it gives versatility. Wear it either in a rocker style or beach texture perfect for the summer. It’s fun and playful with an attitude!”

be chic, be modern, be confident giannandrea marongiu

What advice would you give to girls who want to go short and try a similar style?

“Go for the change, we are in 2015! Just feel the freedom to explore new ways to look different and unique. Make sure your stylist is capable and always bring a photo of the cut, this helps him/her to understand your request.

Be daring, but not reckless! Be chic, be modern, be confident.”


How did you style the look?

  1. “I added Macadamia Volumizing mousse to the whole head and roots.
  2. I blow dried the hair – just air, no brushing – until the hair was completely dry.
  3. I then brushed it with a large paddle brush, using a small round brush just for the bangs to dry it straighter.
  4. The other part of the head was just scrunched and bent with my hands.
  5. Finish the ends with a flat iron.
  6. I then used Macadamia Dry Shampoo on the whole roots and top of the head, and back brushed the top part of the head.
  7. I finished the look with Control Hair Spray.”

Be sure to follow @giannandrea1 for more #manespiration.

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