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How To Communicate Your #Hairgoals To Your Colorist

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Recently, as I frantically screen-grabbed photos of impossibly perfect haircuts and colors just hours before my salon appointment, I got to thinking: does my stylist even want these photos? Does he/she expect them? If not, what is the best way to approach a stylist with my ideas so that we’re on the same page and I go home happy? For answers, I turned to Cutler Soho’s color king (and Hailey Baldwin’s colorist), Ryan Pearl 

What information do you need to know about me and my hair?

You should tell the stylist and/or colorist how you wear your hair on a everyday basis, whether it be blow drying, air drying or using hot tools. This way, they can pinpoint the color and cut that will be most suitable for you. Also, you should tell them how willing you are to keep up with a specific color or cut. For example, if a client comes to me thinking they want a double process but then they expect to let it grow out for 12 weeks, they probably aren’t the right fit for that color


Should I bring a picture of what I want?

I think pictures are a great way to explain what you are looking to achieve. Instagram is one of the best look books for clients. Just keep in mind that most people add filters to their pictures. Try to keep the pictures you bring in consistent to one another and try to keep to the same theme. This is especially important if you’re looking to do something drastic. We want you to have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking to get done.

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Is it OK for me to ask if you think a color will suit me?

Totally … I think this is the most important thing in a consultation. Just because a hair color looks good on a certain person you see on TV or in a magazine, that doesn’t mean it will go with your skin tone, face shape or lifestyle. Be open to the stylist opinions.


If for some reason I’m unhappy, what’s the best way to approach the situation?

I think the best way to ensure your clients happiness is to set real and true expectations with the color before the color service. Make sure you both understand what it will take to achieve the desired look. Some looks take a few applications to achieve, like Khloe Kardashian’s blonde transformation for example. Some colors just aren’t achievable based on the condition of the hair at the time of your consultation.  

Follow Ryan for more. Oh, and read this, 7 times you should leave it to the pros.

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