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How to Create a 90s Blowout at Home In 5 Steps

Are you dreaming of a 90s blowout?

Ever since Kim has been blowing up our feed with endless mane selfies basically dedicated to the era, we’ve been lusting after a more voluminous, 90s approved look. The key to this look is creating lift, both at the root and at the ends – it’s not too sleek (that was the 00s) and not exactly “woke-up like this” or messy (that’s the 10s).

Cindy Crawford 90s Hair
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Here’s how to get a 90s blowout according to styling pro Jamie Vanden Berg, who breaks the look down into five relatively simple steps.

“I love a 90s blow out because it channels style icons like Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Anniston,” says Jamie who gushes that the timeless appeal of this style has to be the seemingly effortless volume created by the look.

Step 1: Prep the hair.

Jaime recommends the amika Supernova Moisture and Shine Cream ($25, loveamika.com) on towel dried hair. Once hair is saturated with product, blow dry hair with just your fingers until you’ve gotten it about 70% dry.

Step 2: Create Sections

Next, section off your hair at your temples, and using a round brush angle the bottom section toward your face as you blow dry.

Step 3: Over-direct Your Roundbrush

For the top half section, make sure you’re over-directing your round brush. This hair will be angled away from your face.


Step 4: Boost Lift

You need some extra lift, so Jamie goes into the hair with a powder spray. She selects amika Vandal Volume Powder Spray ($25, loveamika.com) and concentrates it at the root and then applies through the hair using your fingers.

Step 5: Flip Your Hair

Now comes the fun part – flip your hair to the side (a very 90s action) and choose your part – either leaving it center-parted or exaggerating the hair to the side.

Enjoy your totally boss 90s look!


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