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How to Create Finger Curls (aka Finger Coiling) Explained

Looks like perfectly defined curls may be easier than you imagined.

The secret is finger coiling. This tried and true technique has been keeping curls and coils on point for decades. Heat free. But in case you haven’t kept up on the trend, we’re breaking it down for you below.

Now, it’s important to note that finger coiling won’t give you curls if you don’t already have them. This wash ‘n go styling method is for existing curls and coils only. Perfect for all curl patterns, finger coiling simply enhances your natural texture and provides even definition.

Read on to find out how to master this staple styling technique!

Start with Freshly Washed Wet Hair

Wet hair is essential to achieving the ultimate finger-coiled ‘do. So first thing is first: wash with your favorite shampoo and conditioner to remove impurities and restore moisture prior to styling. For additional moisture and shine, add a lightweight leave-in treatment post-wash (Something like Not Your Mother’s Royal Honey & Kalahari Desert Melon Repair Leave-In Treatment will do the trick – ultra-hydrating without weighing your strands down). This will help hydrate your hair for healthier looking curls.

Not Your Mother's Royal Honey & Kalahari Desert Melon Repair Leave-In Treatment | Mane Addicts

Via Target

Apply Your Favorite Curl-Defining Cream

Once you’ve got your hair prepped and wet, it’s time for a little styling magic. Douse your locks in your go-to curl-defining cream to help those finger coils hold their shape. Need a recommendation? Carol’s Daughter’s Coco Creme Curl Enhancing Moisture Butter should do the trick!

Carol's Daughter's Coco Creme Curls Enhancing Moisture Butter | Mane Addicts

Via Sally Beauty

Part Your Hair in Loose Sections

Next, separate your strands into a few loose sections. These don’t need to be perfect, expertly parted sections – creating simple, loose groups is good enough for finger coiling! The idea is to make the curling process more manageable. Make sure to detangle any knots or snarls as you go to achieve maximum curl potential.

Twirl those Curls!

Starting with the back most section, take a small piece of hair between two fingers. Use your other hand to wrap the strands around your fingers and twirl as you release the curl. The result should be a gorgeous corkscrew coil! Repeat the process until each strands is incorporated in its own killer curl.

How to Create Finger Curls | Mane Addicts

Via Unsplash

Air Dry

The last step is an easy one: let your gorgeous finger coils air dry. Depending on the thickness of your hair, it may take a little while to complete this process. But the results are totally worth it. This simple style generally lasts around a week!

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