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How to #DIY Your Own Unicorn Hair

#DIYing your hair color isn’t something we typically advocate for. But after seeing Reddit threads and YouTube channels light up with #DIY versions of unicorn hair, we knew we had to at least be open-minded. Boy, are we glad we did. Here are a few steps to #DIY unicorn hair.


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What is Unicorn Hair?

In case you have been living under a rock, unicorn hair is a color job that mixes various pastel colors in one mane. The end result is a magical, multi-colored head of hair that matches well together. Although darker color shades can be used, wearers typically keep to pastels because they go along well together.

Step 1: Get Your Hair to Bleach Blonde Status

The first step in the process involves starting with bleached or very blonde hair. If you aren’t a natural blonde, you can prance down to your nearest beauty supply store and follow the instructions on their best bleach kit.

Step 2: Plan Out Your Color Scheme

The second, more complicated step, is to plan out what you want your canvas (aka mane) to look like. Some unicorn hair wearers prefer roots to be dyed a different color than tips. Others prefer to dye in layers, while another segment of the #unicornhair population likes vertical stripes. Our suggestion is to troll the #unicornhair hashtag on your favorite social media channels to nail down inspo hairstyles you want to mimic. These pictures should dictate how your final look will turn out. Divide hair according to your inspo pics and use styling clips to keep everything in place.

Step 3: Semi versus Demi

After you’ve planned where each color will go, decide if you want semi-permanent or permanent hair color. Manic Panic is a favorite for non-committal types and L’Oreal’s Féria hair color line is a good option for those looking for a more permanent look. Reddit user aBolognaSandwich uses a vegetable-based dye that she leaves on overnight. Pro tip: she uses a bag over her head to avoid staining pillowcase.

Step 4: Take Your Time

After you’ve nailed what level of commitment you are ready for, go to town on your hair section by section. We know, it may seem like ages to do this color-section by color-section, but taking your time will allow you to rectify any mistakes. It will also let you figure out how your hair takes to your chosen hair color brand. Mark out a whole afternoon for the project and turn on some Netflix to make the time pass more quickly. 

Step 5: Maintenance

Colored hair requires a different care routine. Make sure to switch up your shampoo and conditioner so that you can extend the life of your new unicorn hue. If you opted for semi-permanent, skip daily shampoos and try for 2-3 times a week instead.

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