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Shadow Roots Are All the Rage This Season—Here’s How to Flawlessly Achieve This Look, Straight From a Stylist

Thinking of hopping on the shadow roots trend? Look no further! At first, we thought of this as more of a winter vibe, but now we fully see how this mysterious and sexy look can translate perfectly to summer if done right. Read on below for how to flawlessly achieve this look, straight from stylist (and master blonde colorist) Samantha Harman.

Mane Addicts: If you want to achieve the shadow roots hair look flawlessly, what should you ask your colorist beforehand?

Samantha Harman: I would suggest having a thorough consultation prior to any color service to ensure that the colorist and the client are on the same page. When done correctly, shadow roots add depth to the root and create a seamless blend. Here are some things you’ll want to do in order to get the best result:

  • Use natural depth if possible. If the client’s natural color is able to be used for depth, I always suggest using it. Teasylights with larger subsections are a great way to preserve the natural depth.
  • Use the proper formula. In order to avoid banding, you want your shadow root formula to be the same level as the client’s natural base. It’s important to keep in mind that if you are applying to damp hair, your formula will be slightly diluted. I typically formulate one level lighter because of this.
  • Start the shadow root in the back. Leave the front pieces out until the end. This will help create more depth in the back.

MA: Do you think it’s possible to DIY shadow roots? 

SH: No. If the process is not done correctly you can run into issues (such as banding) that will complicate the process when/if you want to go back lighter.

MA: Why do you think this is such a huge trend right now? 

SH: I love the shadow roots trend because they give the color longevity. When done correctly, they’re a great way to give the hair depth and dimension while creating a seamless blend. Clients are now able to wait longer between appointments because shadow roots help blend the new growth and create a smooth transition.

If you choose to embrace your grown-out shadow roots, rock the look with THESE hairstyles!

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