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How to Do Summer Like Hailey Bieber

Ah, that we could all live as charmed a life as Hailey Bieber. While our main occupation may not be giving face while jetsetting (and the Biebs isn’t our forever plus one) we can still copy Hailey’s looks and pretend. If IG has taught us anything, it’s that no one summers like Lady Bieber – her styles set the tone of the season. While we’re already in August, let’s be real, these are timeless looks. Hailey Bieber does minimal the best, and even though she may have every resource imaginable at her disposal she has a very down to earth energy. Come along as we dissect her most recent hair styles, which are all full-on vibes.

Summer Bun

The perfect summer bun doesn’t ex… oh yes, it does and it’s neatly fixed atop Hailey’s head in this enviable snap from a recent beach gals weekend.


Cap It Off

One of my favorite go-to looks, especially when it’s actually baseball season has to be donning a dad hat. Hailey’s hair is understated and free-flowing – it’s touchable, soft and dare I say, ever-so-slightly frizzy? The cap brings it altogether and makes this look one for the (look)books.

Weekend Waves

Ditching the blowdryer doesn’t mean your mane has to suffer. Air dry and chill – there’s a definite sex appeal to not overthinking it, as demonstrated by Mrs. Bieber.


Next Day Hair

Bring on the dry shampoo, summer means taking it easy, and if you skip a wash that’s totally fine. Hailey keeps it chill and gives major morning after inspo in this loved up shot.


Side Swept

See, Gen Z, the side part is alive and well – and thriving on your very own age appropriate muse. For days when it’s too hot, pull your hair back and exaggerate your side part for easy drama.

Claw It

Glam up on of our 90s faves, the claw. To capture the Hailey-essence of the look, use the claw like a bump it and bring on the volume.



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Hair Oil

Sticky, sweaty summer hair can be recreated in all weather with a heavy hand and some quality hair oil. We’re loving Fable and Mane Amla Oil to get a shiny look minus unwanted greasy residue.


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Conquering frizz is the key to summer hair – HERE’s how.

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