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3 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Hair Routine

In a perfect world, your alarm sounds off and you have an ample amount of time to prep and primp yourself pretty for the day. In the real world, you’re scrambling to get ready in the morning. While our motto is better to arrive late than unkempt, try these three ways to speed up your hair routine. Your mane will be thankful you did!

Sleep on It

Lily Aldridge has confessed she likes to do her hair at night so that in the morning she has no-fuss, ready-to-go hair. We suggest sleeping in braids. When your hair is still slightly damp from the shower, braid it into two loose French braids for loose waves, four waves for medium waves, or six braided sections for tighter waves. Finish the look the next morning in no time by applying heat from your blow dryer or smoothing your flat iron over random sections. Unravel each braid and set the style with Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray to really nail those luscious waves.

Trust in Dry Shampoo

We can’t imagine how people got by before dry shampoo was invented. The right dry shampoo can do wonders to your hair—absorbing oils, creating volume, and refreshing hair between shampoos. This life-saving product will simultaneously leave your hair smelling fresh and give it mega-volume in one hair flip.

Invest in Hair Rollers

While you’re rushing to brush your teeth, put on makeup, pick out your outfit, pack your bags, and a million other things, stop to set in hot rollers. Our Mane Muse exclusive with Kelly Rowland featured a voluptuous ‘do created by rollers. Hot rollers are super-fast and easy to get a glam look in minutes. Carry on with your morning routine while they cool, then simply remove the rollers and brush out your mane for instant glamorous waves.

All this glam in a New York minute! But don’t worry, there’s more where that came from. Check out THESE nine hacks to help you save time in the morning!

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