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HOW-TO: Lived-in Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Boxer Braids

Basically every badass chick and cool girl is killin’ it in this babely I don’t give a f*ck look. But much like any other seemingly nonchalant look, this will definitely take some effort. That’s why were showing you step by step, how to rock our favorite braided style with minimal effort.



  • Dry shampoo or Texturizing spray
  • Hair ties or elastic
  • Hair clips for sectioning



  1. Create a textured foundation by spraying a dry shampoo from roots to ends.
  2. From a middle part, create two sections starting at the hairline ending at the nape.
  3. Clip one section to the side for control.
  4. French braid close to the scalp until you reach the nape.
  5. Once you reach the nape, continue with a free hanging braid.
  6. Secure with elastic.
  7. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Finish by pulling braids to loosen and give an effortless appearance.

What do you think of this Instagram-famous style?

2 minutes

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