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An Expert Explains How to Properly Box Dye Your Hair

Much like toxic relationships and nights of binge drinking, dyeing your hair at home is something you’ve been warned against. Still, we know you’ll partake in it anyway. Heck, we’ve done it ourselves. That said, if you’re going to take the (highly looked down upon) plunge, shouldn’t you know how to box dye your hair at home properly?

We enlisted the guidance of Newport Beach-based hairstylist, Nichole Taylor, who acknowledges, “Given the current times, desperate times call for desperate measures.”

With that, Nichole, who is a lead stylist for Byrd, provides her standout tips for knocking your next box dye job out of the park. Keep reading for her pointers!

1. Check the inngredients.

Before actually getting to how to dye your hair from a box, you should be aware of what’s in the box dye you’re using. “Steer clear of ammonia and metallics,” Nichole says. “When using a box dye, remember it is much harder to correct or remove than it is to apply.”

2. Always use sections.

Depending on your hair type, you’ll want to section hair off accordingly. “If you have gray hair, I recommend starting at the top to get the longest processing times,” Nichole advises. “For thinner hair, I start at the bottom first to give the top of your hair not as long of a processing time. If you have long or thick hair, I like to separate the hair into four quadrants to give an easier controlled and clean dye process.”

3. Apply a barrier beforehand.

It’s easy to accidentally color surrounding skin when you dye your hair, so you’ll want to apply something for prevention. Nichole suggests, “When using a dark or red color, I like using a small amount of BYRD Lightweight Conditioner along the hairline to not stain the skin and ensure the color is absorbed properly.”

4. Post-color care is key.

Now that you know how to dye your hair from a box, you’ll want your new hue to shine like a diamond. “To get the best longevity of color services, you’ll need to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner—otherwise the dye will strip,” Nichole says. “My personal favorite is BYRD Purifying Shampoo and BYRD Lightweight Conditioner. They’ll keep your hair healthy and maintain it in between dye jobs.”

When we’re not amid a pandemic, there’s only one acceptable time to box dye our hair. HERE’s what Nine Zero One’s Nikki Lee has to say about that!

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